Best Town Hall 12 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans [Analyzed]

Laying out your new buildings like the Workshop is the first thing to do after upgrading to TH12. But, what's next on the list?

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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Best Town Hall 12 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans [Analyzed]

At Town Hall 12, along with additional buildings, you will unlock these notable buildings:

  • Workshop

  • Giga Tesla (Town Hall Weapon)

After upgrading your Town Hall to level 12, the first step is to lay out all of your new buildings, such as your new Inferno Tower, new Hidden Tesla, and the Workshop. You don’t have to upgrade the new buildings immediately; just have them placed in your base for now. Try allocating two Builders to get these buildings completed.

Top Priority Upgrades

After finishing up your new buildings, here are the priority buildings you must work on:

  • Laboratory - If you’re at this Town Hall level already, I shouldn’t have to explain why the Laboratory is the most essential upgrade, so let’s move on quickly.

  • Clan Castle - Though you won’t get extra Spell or Siege Machine housing spaces, getting an extra five troop housing spaces is always worth the Clan Castle upgrade.

  • Army Camp - Get your Army Camps upgraded as soon as possible; you can have one or two Army Camps upgrading at a time.

  • Dark Elixir Storage - Dark Elixir upgrades get super expensive starting at Town Hall 12, especially upgrades for your Archer Queen. Let’s prep for these upgrades by first leveling up your Dark Elixir Storage over other storages.

  • Workshop - Finally, you don’t have to depend on your clan mates’ donations, as you can now make Siege Machines yourself! Max out your Workshop so you can access the three Siege Machines at TH12 as quickly as possible.

  • Gold and Elixir Storages - I highly recommend upgrading your Gold and Elixir Storages, as upgrades get really costly and take weeks. So, get your Storages up so you won’t leak any resources.

Level 10 Laboratory

Second Line Of Upgrades

Once the top priority upgrades are done, we still have more offensive buildings to upgrade:

  • Barracks - Upgrading the Barracks will unlock the Yeti, a crucial troop in many Town Hall 12 attack strategies. To start practicing your attacks with this new troop, get your Barracks leveled soon!

  • Dark Barracks - On the other hand, your Dark Barracks upgrade gives you access to the Headhunter. The Headhunter isn’t the most substantial troop, but players like to have one or two Headhunters in most army compositions.

  • Archer Queen - The Archer Queen is easily the best hero in the game, especially at Town Hall 12, where Queen Charge strategies are still prevalent. It would be best if you prioritized lots of Dark Elixir to get your Queen up as much as possible; you have 15 levels to go.

  • Grand Warden - The Grand Warden gets another 20 levels at Town Hall 12, more than the other two heroes. His ability is crucial in most attack strategies, so spend lots of Elixir on your Warden.

  • Giga Tesla - If you didn’t know, at Town Hall 12, your Town Hall has its weapon, the Giga Tesla. You must upgrade your Town Hall weapon before upgrading to Town Hall 13. Getting the Giga Tesla is super worth it, and your Town Hall can drop a bomb on its death that can kill ground troops like Hog Riders or Miners.

  • Barbarian King - If you have extra Dark Elixir after upgrading your Queen, you can always allocate some to upgrading your King. He will be very useful for funneling purposes in Queen Charge attack strategies.

Giga Tesla

Third Line Of Upgrades

Now that most of our army-related upgrades are completed, we can focus on our defenses:

  • Eagle Artillery - Now that your Town Hall’s Giga Tesla is out of the way, we can move on to one of the strongest defenses at Town Hall 12, the Eagle Artillery. This building is vital to having a solid base for Clan War.

  • Inferno Tower - Next, we’ll work on the Inferno Towers and have them leveled up. Remember that you would have received a third Inferno Tower upon upgrading to Town Hall 12, so make sure the new Inferno Tower is caught up in levels, too!

  • X-Bow - X-Bows are an excellent defense at Town Hall 12, especially if you put them in Ground and Air mode. They will be beneficial against troops like Lava Hounds and Siege Machines.

  • Air Defense - Your Air Defense will be crucial against Lava Hounds, Balloons, and Electro Dragons, which are troops among some of the most-used attack strategies at this Town Hall level.

  • Archer Tower - Archer Towers are super helpful because they target air and ground troops. They can help soften up incoming Balloons and Lava Hounds and are essential to your defense.

  • Wizard Tower - Your Wizard Towers will be very helpful against air and ground swarm units, especially against Balloons, Miners, and Hog Riders, three popular troops at Town Hall 12.

Fourth Line Of Upgrades

We only have a few more buildings to go, so let’s wrap up TH12 with these final upgrades:

  • Bomb Tower - The Bomb Tower is the best defensive building for grouped ground units, such as Miners and Hog Riders. They also drop a bomb on death, forcing enemies to spend a Heal Spell for their ground troops.

  • Hidden Tesla - Hidden Teslas serve a similar purpose as Archer Towers, dealing single-target damage to ground and air units. They will become very handy in defense.

  • Mines, Collectors, and Drills - If you have extra Builders, upgrading your pbuttive income sources is always a good option.

  • Cannon - Now that we’re finishing up our defenses, we can finally get to the Cannon, which isn’t the most extraordinary building. Still, we’ll get them upgraded, especially when you can upgrade them twice.

  • Mortar - Last but not least, we have the Mortar, which is undoubtedly the worst defensive building. Feel free to skip this upgrade, but I still recommend getting it done because why not.

  • Walls and Traps - The final thing to do is upgrade your Walls quickly and get those traps maxed out. Though they can be a pain to max out, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Th12 Layout

Suggested Troop Upgrades

At Town Hall 12, you will have an abundance of troops to form many different armies. I’ll suggest some of the most popularly used troops at this Town Hall level:

  • Miner - The most successful attack strategy I’ve had at Town Hall 12 is the Queen Charge Hybrid, consisting of Miners and Hog Riders. Miners are a substantial troop at TH12, and I recommend trying them out.

  • Hog Rider - The Hog Rider is a component of the Queen Charge Hybrid, so that’s the first reason I suggested this troop. However, you can also try other variants like Mbutt Hogs too. You can even upgrade them twice at TH12!

  • Lava Hound - Another prominent attack strategy at TH12 is the Queen Charge LaLo, which is popular for people who prefer air attacks. So, if you’ve been using LaLo previously, why not continue the legacy here?

  • Balloon - The Balloon is the second component of the LaLo, so there isn’t much to explain here.

  • Witch - Another great ground troop is the Witch, which can be used in the Zap Witches attack strategy. Overall a strong troop in many ground attacks.

  • Yeti - The Yeti is the new troop you unlock at Town Hall 12 and becomes a fundamental unit in specific ground armies. Use him as a funneling troop to distract enemy defenses.

  • Bowler - Finally, you can also upgrade your Bowlers, as you’ll see them in many ground attack strategies. They also have their own attack strategy, Zap Bowlers.

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