How Much Is My Clash Of Clans Account Worth? [Answered]

The value of your Clash of Clans account depends on factors like account level, Town Hall level, wall levels, hero levels, number of builders, and name changes.

Updated on Nov 14, 2023
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How Much Is My Clash Of Clans Account Worth? [Answered]

What Makes My Clash of Clans Account Worth?

Since every Clash of Clans account has its differences, it’s impossible for us to give an exact value of your account. First, let’s go through some of the most important factors that influence the account value:

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Account Level

Your Clash of Clans account level is proof that you diligently max out your buildings before upgrading your Town Hall and often donate troops. When I see a Clash of Clans account, the most important factor to measure its success is the account level.

Account Level

Account levels are a fantastic indicator that you did not rush your Town Hall. Leveling up your account takes a lot of time and effort, so buyers seek a Clash of Clans account with high levels and are willing to pay a premium.

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Town Hall Level

Town Halls are an integral part of a Clash of Clans base, as they dictate what building and troop levels you can upgrade to. It’s a no-brainer that accounts with higher Town Hall levels will be worth more.

Town Hall Level

Keep in mind that not many buyers want to buy Clash of Clans accounts that are below Town Hall 8.

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Wall Levels

Upgrading and maxing out your walls requires a lot of time and effort and is another amazing indicator of whether a Town Hall is rushed or taken good care of. For example, upgrading a wall at higher Town Hall levels can cost millions of Gold or Elixir.

Wall Level

Everyone loves seeing high level CoC accounts with maxed walls, as it makes the base look infinitely more appealing.

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Hero Levels

Heroes are a crucial part of your army’s capabilities, so every buyer wants an account with high-leveled Heroes. Ideally, you want to sell a Clash of Clans account that has hero levels that are nearly maxed out for the Town Hall level.

Hero Levels

Hero levels are probably my personal top priority when looking for a Clash of Clans account as a buyer.

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Number of Builders

Builders are another key part of how fast you can progress in your Village. The more builders, the better! If I were a buyer, I wouldn’t look for an account with less than five Builders.

Builder Hut

It would be a huge bonus for me if the account has access to the sixth builder, as it will help me progress the base much faster.

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Name Change

Finally, the name change of the account should also be taken into account. Once the account is handed to another owner, the first thing they would want to do is change the name of the Clash of Clans account.

You can change your Clash of Clans name as many times as you want, but it will cost you more gems. If your account has never changed its name, the buyer can change the name for free, not needing to pay any gems.

Name Change Cost

How Much Are Max-Leveled Accounts Worth?

To give you a better idea of how much your account is worth, we’ve taken reference prices from several trusted marketplace websites. Keep in mind that all of these prices are taken from max-leveled accounts for each Town Hall level!

Town Hall Level

Max-Level Account Price Estimate

Town Hall 8


Town Hall 9


Town Hall 10


Town Hall 11


Town Hall 12


Town Hall 13


Town Hall 14


Town Hall 15


Check out our list of top five websites to sell Clash of Clans accounts for more recommendations and information! Keep in mind that these websites operate under a peer-to-peer (P2P) system, so make sure you pick trusted buyers and don’t get scammed!

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