What Is The Best Upgrade Order For Town Hall 3 In Clash of Clans?

Building your Clan Castle and Laboratory is a top priority once you’ve reached Town Hall 3, but what’s next on the list?

Updated on Nov 28, 2023
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What Is The Best Upgrade Order For Town Hall 3 In Clash of Clans?

The first course of action is to get all of your new buildings laid out, including your new walls and traps. You don’t need to immediately upgrade them, so just make sure they’re built already.

Top Priority Upgrades

After laying out your new buildings, here are the top five upgrades you should work on as soon as possible, in order of importance.

  • Clan Castle - The CC should be the first thing you build. You will be able to request troops to strengthen your army. I suggest joining Req And Leave clans that will donate troops for free. Preferably, you want to request Balloons.

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is unlockable at Town Hall 3. The Lab is the building that allows you to upgrade your troops and strengthen your offensive capabilities.

  • Build the Mortar - The Mortar is undoubtedly the strongest defensive building at TH3. I highly recommend getting it built as soon as possible.

  • Build new Storages, Mines, and Collectors - Quickly get your new storages, Gold Mines, and Elixir Collectors built. Again, you can upgrade them a little later.

  • Build the new Army Camp - Build your new Army Camp to give you more housing space for your army. You can store more troops in your army, making attacking bases much easier.

Rebuild Clan Castle

You want to ensure every Builder is busy to minimize the downtime between these upgrades.

Second Line Of Upgrades

After completing all the upgrades and buildings on the top priority list, we can move on to the second line of upgrades you should begin working on.

  • Max Out Army Camps - Army Camps are the most important upgrade for your offensive capabilities. I suggest getting all your Army Camps maxed out quickly to utilize the best attack strategies at Town Hall 3.

  • Max Out All Storages - If you’re actively raiding, you will find yourself with maxed-out loot, so upgrading your storages is crucial to not waste any resources.

  • Upgrade The Barracks - In almost every Town Hall level, upgrading the Barracks would be a top priority. However, at Town Hall 3, you will only unlock the Wall Breaker, which isn’t too useful at this Town Hall level.

  • Max Out All Mines and Collectors - Sometimes, Clash of Clans is all about that pbuttive income. Getting Gold fast for free wouldn’t hurt!

Max Out Storages

Once you’ve completed the top priority and second line upgrades, you’ll be on the right trajectory to max out Town Hall 3 very quickly.

Defense Upgrade Order

Your defensive buildings should take the final priority, as getting your offense and resource game up first will help you get through Town Hall 3 smooth sailing. Here is the order of defensive upgrades:

  • Archer Tower - Your Archer Tower is the second-best defensive building at Town Hall 3 after the Mortar. Many Town Hall 3 players are donated Balloons as their Clan Castle troops, which are air troops that only Archer Towers can attack.

  • Cannon - The only defensive building left is the Cannon, so that’s the last building we will upgrade.

  • Traps and Walls - After getting your buildings done, the only things left are your traps and walls.

I’ve never upgraded my Town Hall without maxing my walls, but you can go to TH4 without maxing your traps and walls; they’re not that important yet.

Upgrade Archer Tower

Troop Upgrade Order

Finally, let’s get into troop upgrades and which ones you should look to level up first.

  • Archers - Archers work well when paired with Giants to provide damage behind their cover. Archers should be your top priority since you can’t upgrade Giants with a Level 1 Laboratory.

  • Barbarians - The third-best troop at Town Hall 3 would be your Barbarians, so they are next on the list. You can use Barch, a popular farming strategy consisting of Barbarians and Archers.

  • Goblins - Finally, Goblins are the only thing left to upgrade in your Lab, so get them done after you’ve finished the Archers and Barbarians upgrades.

And there you have it! If you’ve successfully maxed out Town Hall 3 with this upgrade order, refer to our upgrade order list for Town Hall 4!

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