How To Farm Gold Fast In Clash Of Clans [Best Methods]

Preparing the right army and finding a good trophy range to farm gold in Clash of Clans is crucial, but one method is more important than these two...

Updated on Oct 14, 2023
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How To Farm Gold Fast In Clash Of Clans [Best Methods]

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Preparing The Right Army

The fastest method to farming gold is through attacking enemy bases. You want to get as much out of every attack as possible. There are two main types of armies to help you farm gold. Let’s quickly go through them.

Farming Armies

Farming armies tend to train weaker troops with low training times, allowing you to complete more multiplayer battles every day. You are not looking to three-star bases with farming armies, but instead, taking the resources, quickly ending the battle, and then looking for another base.

Armies like Barch or Sneaky Goblins are perfect examples of farming armies. You can queue these troops in your Barracks while you are raiding so they will be finished cooking by the time you return to your Village, allowing you to search for another base immediately.

Sneaky Goblins

Three-Star Armies

As the name suggests, you want to train strong army compositions to three-star the enemy base and collect all the possible gold. However, these armies take longer to train, so you must make your attacks count. Make sure you’re comfortable with using these armies by practicing your attacks.

When training these armies, queue a second one in your Barracks so you can attack twice every time you log on. An example of this type of army would be any Queen Charge variant, a popular attack strategy starting at Town Hall 9.

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Look For Dead Bases

Dead Bases” refer to players who have not played their Clash of Clans accounts in weeks, months, or even years. These bases are perfect for farming gold because their Gold Mines have reached their maximum capacity.

Since Gold Mines are almost always placed on the outskirts of the base, you can easily send troops to destroy these Mines without having to break into the base. Weak troops like Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins can be utilized to farm these bases.

Dead Base Example

Here are some ways to identify dead bases:

Gold Mines are full

The easiest way to tell if a base is dead is to check the Gold Mines. You can see how much Gold is in a Mine by seeing the gold overflow. Make sure to raid bases with high-level Mines (Level 10+), as each Mine will give you tons of loot. You will often see low-level Mines overflowing with gold, but that’s only because those Mines have low maximum capacity.

Lots of tombstones on the ground

If you log in to Clash of Clans and see that your base has been raided, your body unconsciously clicks on the tombstones on the ground. These tombstones don’t get cleared on their own, so bases with lots of them are a big tell that it is a dead base.

X-Bows and Inferno Towers have no ink

Back then, players would have to refill Inferno Towers and X-Bows with Dark Elixir and Elixir. But now, this is no longer a thing. If you see a base with X-Bows and Inferno Towers blacked out, that player has not logged in for years!

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Finding The Right Trophy Range

As someone focused on farming throughout my entire Clash of Clans lifespan, I can tell you that trophy ranges are crucial for finding juicy bases. As mentioned earlier, Dead Bases are your ideal targets, and I’ll be revealing the best trophy ranges to find these bases.

Trophy Ranges

Town Hall 8 And Below

When farming as a Town Hall 8 or lower, the ideal trophy range I would place myself in was around 1000-1200, which is Silver I and II. Getting into this trophy range will help you find tons of Dead Bases.

Even if your Town Hall level is still low, getting to this trophy range isn’t too tricky. As a low Town Hall, climbing to this trophy range is very beneficial since you will get more loot from attacking bases with higher Town Hall levels.

Since you’re looking for Dead Bases, you only aim to farm the Gold Mines outside the base. Your troop levels won’t matter too much since you’re not going into the center of the base.

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 13

I’ve been in this Town Hall range for years. For Town Halls 9 to 11, I’ve noticed that farming around 2000-2200 was a game changer. The amount of dead bases I found was incredible. And, most of these bases were two or three Town Hall levels higher than me, so I got to raid very high-level Mines.

Baby Dragons are an excellent troop to farm with for this Town Hall level range and can make an effective attack strategy at Town Hall 10.

For Town Hall 12 and 13, anywhere from high Crystal to mid Masters is ideal. Not only are there many dead bases, but the loot from Star Bonuses gives decent amounts of gold as free bonuses. Bases in this range aren’t too difficult either. I could have two heroes upgrading and still get good attacks in.

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Claim Gold Rewards

You can get a lot of gold from different types of rewards in Clash of Clans. Let’s go over them one by one:

Clan Wars

Participating in Clan Wars is highly recommended. Loot from War Bonuses after a victory can be worth millions of gold, and you don’t even have to have three-star bases to be eligible to receive this loot. Make sure to join a high-level clan, as it’s a good indicator that they win many Clan Wars

Clan War Bonus

Getting War League Medals can also be good, as you can trade them for gold in the shop.

Clan Games

Make sure to participate in Clan Games and unlock all the tiers with your clan. You can get anywhere above 4,000,000+ gold from Clan Games rewards every month.

Star Bonus

You can complete “Star Bonuses” daily by getting five stars from raiding enemy bases. Starting from the Masters league, you can get 700,000+ gold per Star Bonus. If you can three-star two bases every day, you can easily farm a lot of gold from this.

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