See The Best Town Hall 10 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

Upgrading your Laboratory and Clan Castle is the first thing to do once you've reached Town Hall 10. But what's next on the upgrade list?

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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See The Best Town Hall 10 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

At Town Hall 10, you will unlock the following buildings:

  • Cannon (x1)

  • Archer Tower (x1)

  • Bomb Tower (x1)

  • X-Bow (x1)

  • Inferno Tower (x2)

  • Giant Bomb (x1)

  • Air Bomb (x1)

  • Seeking Air Mine (x1)

  • Skeleton Trap (x1)

  • Walls (x25)

The first thing you should do after upgrading to Town Hall 10 is to have at least two builders work on the new buildings. Make sure to have these builders focus on the Inferno Tower. 

Top Priority Upgrades

While you have two builders laying out your new buildings, you should start working on some of the top-priority upgrades that will help you max out TH10 quickly.

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is always the first building you want to work on, as it allows you to upgrade your troops and increase your offensive capabilities.

  • Clan Castle - The Clan Castle is the next upgrade on the list since you’ll get an extra five housing spaces. However, the most important part is you can now house Siege Machines, which will greatly improve your attacks!

  • Barracks - Upgrading the Barracks will help you unlock the Miner, one of the most popular troops at Town Hall 10. Miners are a very effective three-star strategy at this Town Hall level.

  • Army Camp - Next, work on all your Army Camps as fast as possible, as an extra twenty housing spaces will be crucial for your attacks.

  • Spell Factory - Upgrading the Spell Factory will unlock the Clone Spell, a decent spell. However, we’re mainly looking for extra space for an extra spell! You can now carry five Elixir spells.

  • Dark Barracks - Working on your Dark Barracks will give you the Bowler, another amazing troop at Town Hall 10. You can combine Bowlers with Witches and Golems for a very fun and strong attack strategy. 

  • Archer Queen - Almost all prominent TH10 attack strategies involve the Queen Charge, so you must get her leveled up as quickly as possible! Prioritize your Dark Elixir on her over the King.

Level 8 Laboratory

Second Line Of Upgrades

After getting your offense up by following the top priority upgrades, there are a couple more offensive buildings to work on, but we can also get started on strengthening our defense.

  • All Storages - Upgrades at TH10 can take a while, so you might fill up storages quickly. Make sure to upgrade all your storages, especially your Dark Elixir Storage.

  • Dark Spell Factory - You can already max out the Dark Spell Factory at Town Hall 10, which unlocks the Bat Spell. This particular spell is super fun to use and is highly effective!

  • Barbarian King - If your builders are busy with the Queen and you have extra Dark Elixir, feel free to pour it into your King and get him upgraded. He is essential to help funnel your troops into the enemy base.

  • Inferno Tower - Inferno Towers are the best defensive building at Town Hall 10, so they should be the first defense you start upgrading. You can upgrade them all the way to Level 3, and you should do that as soon as possible.

  • X-Bow - You only need to upgrade the X-Bow once at TH10, but you need to work on three of them. X-Bows are essential in your defense, so it is the second defense to work on.

  • Bomb Tower - As I said earlier, Miners are probably the most substantial troop at this Town Hall level. So, the Bomb Towers are the best defense against them. They drop a bomb on death, which forces the attacker to spend a Heal Spell on the Miners.

  • Air Defense - Lava Hounds and Dragons are still used at TH10, so getting your Air Defenses leveled is always a top priority.

Max TH10 Looks Like

Third Line Of Upgrades

Now, most of the important buildings are out of the way, but we still have a few more to work on. Here are the lower-priority buildings that are next on the list.

  • Mines, Collectors, and Drills - If you lack resources for your next significant upgrade, work on upgrading your sources of pbuttive income. The amount of resources mines, collectors, and drills give you should not be underestimated.

  • Air Sweeper - Air Sweepers are highly effective against Dragons and Lava Hounds, especially if you put them close to single-target Inferno Towers.

  • Archer Tower - The Archer Tower is a solid single-target defense that works well against Lava Hounds and Dragons. However, swarm troops like Miners are more prevalent at TH10, so I’ve moved them down the upgrade priority list.

  • Wizard Tower - The next building to work on is the Wizard Tower. They deal splash damage to both ground and air units and can be very handy against Miners and Hog Riders.

  • Hidden Tesla - The Hidden Tesla works similarly to Archer Towers, as they deal single-target damage. They can help against Lava Hounds, so you can place them near Air Defenses.

  • Cannon - Cannons aren’t the most excellent defense, since they only target ground units. So, they are very low on the priority list.

  • Mortar - Mortars are pretty much useless at this point, and people are even putting their Mortars outside their base, unprotected without walls. So, they will be the last defensive upgrade on the list.

  • Traps And Walls - Finally, the last thing to do is to work on your traps and upgrade your walls quickly. Walls become pretty expensive starting at Town Hall 10, so good luck!

Suggested Troop And Spell Upgrades

At Town Hall 10, you will have many troops to select from, and you can use numerous Town Hall 10 attack strategies. I'll suggest the best troops at this Town Hall level, but it's entirely up to you if you want to use your own upgrade order.

  • Miner - From personal experience and tons of YouTube guides, the Miner is probably the best troop at Town Hall 10. So, I highly recommend upgrading your Miner and practicing your attacks. They are still a prominent troop at higher Town Hall levels, so it’s the perfect time to start.

  • Bowler - The Bowler is the new Dark Elixir troop you unlock at TH10 and is terrific for ground attacks. You can pair Bowlers with Witches and Golems.

  • Witch - As mentioned above, Witches work very well with Bowlers. However, you can also run the Witch Slap or Zap Quake Witches strategy, which are easy attack strategies to execute.

  • Golem - Golems are required in Witch and Bowler attacks, so I don’t need to explain further.

  • Lightning Spell - Lightning Spells are essential in Zap Quake Witches and Zap Dragons attack strategies. You must have them leveled up so you can use the appropriate amount of Lightning Spells to destroy Air Defenses or Inferno Towers.

  • Dragon - Dragons are always a straightforward attack strategy at most Town Hall levels and are still viable at Town Hall 10.

  • Balloon - The Queen Charge LaLo is still an effective attack strategy at Town Hall 10, so you’ll need the Balloons upgraded if you want to use the army.

  • Lava Hound - The second component of the LaLo is the Lava Hound, so there is no need for extra explanation.


If this guide has helped you max out Town Hall 10, check out our best upgrade order list for Town Hall 11.

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