See The Best Town Hall 15 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

Laying out your new buildings and working on the Laboratory are the first things to do after upgrading to Town Hall 15, but what should you do next?

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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See The Best Town Hall 15 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

At Town Hall 15, you will receive additional buildings and unlock new ones, including:

  • Monolith

  • Spell Tower

Once your Town Hall has finished upgrading to Level 15, you first want to have two Builders start working on all your newly unlocked buildings. These Builders should prioritize the Monolith and Spell Tower, since these are the two new buildings you unlock at Town Hall 15. You don’t have to upgrade the new buildings immediately, just make sure these buildings are built. At this point, you should have all six builders for maximum efficiency.

Top Priority Upgrades

While your two Builders are working on the new buildings, you should immediately start with some high-priority upgrades:

  • Laboratory - Since you’re at this Town Hall level, I shouldn’t have to explain why the Laboratory is the first building to work on. Upgrading your troops as soon as possible will be vital to raiding effectively. 

  • Clan Castle - Next is the Clan Castle. You’ll be using a lot of Elixir for the following upgrades, so it’s an excellent building to spend Gold on. Additionally, you get five housing spaces that allow you to fit more troops in it.

  • Army Camp - At Town Hall 14, you couldn’t upgrade your Army Camps, but you can now. Maxing all your Army Camps will bring your army capacity to 320, strengthening your offense by a mile.

  • Pet House - You can upgrade your Pet House four times at Town Hall 15, allowing you to unlock four new pets, which can be a game changer for attacking bases. I highly recommend constantly upgrading your Pet House until it is maxed out. 

  • Storages - Upgrades at Town Hall 15 are expensive and last a long time. You might find yourself full of resources while waiting for ongoing upgrades, so it’s essential to upgrade your Storages, especially your Elixir and Dark Elixir ones, so you don’t leak resources.

  • Workshop - Upgrading your Workshop will unlock the Battle Drill, a prominent new Siege Machine you and your clanmates can benefit from. You can save this upgrade for later if you are in an active clan that donates Siege Machines. 

  • Archer Queen - You’ve been spending a lot of Elixir, so let’s not keep that Dark Elixir sitting around. You should start working on your Archer Queen, as you’ll still utilize many Queen Charge attack strategies at Town Hall 15

Second Line Of Upgrades

Now that we’ve completed the top priority upgrades, we’ll work on defenses and heroes.

  • Monolith - The Monolith is a new defensive building you unlock at Town Hall 15, and you should have it built if you followed my instructions earlier. You can upgrade it once to Level 2, and you’ll be surprised at how strong this building is. I highly suggest you upgrade your Monolith if you want to participate in Clan Wars. 

  • Grand Warden - I think the Grand Warden is the second-best hero in Clash of Clans after the Archer Queen, but that’s just me. If you disagree, you should work on your Warden next since it costs Elixir, as your Dark Elixir will be spent on the Queen. 

  • Royal Champion - The next hero to work on is the Royal Champion. She requires Dark Elixir to upgrade. Ideally, you either max out your Queen quickly and then work on the Champion, or alternating between the two can be a good option, too. 

  • Spell Tower - The Spell Tower is another new defense you unlock at Town Hall 15. By upgrading the Spell Towers to the max level, you can choose between the Invisibility Spell, Rage Spell, and Poison Spell. This building is super interesting and I highly suggest upgrading it as soon as possible so you can try it out!

  • Barbarian King - I think your King should take the lowest priority in terms of hero upgrades. As long as you maxed him out at Town Hall 14, a Level 80 King should suffice while waiting for your Queen and Champion to be maxed out. 

  • Giga Inferno - The Town Hall doesn’t get a new weapon, and upgrading it will only improve the Giga Inferno. Still, the damage output the Giga Inferno deals should not be underestimated. It is still an incredibly valuable defense and should be a high-priority defense to upgrade

  • Eagle Artillery - Getting the Eagle Artillery to Level 5 is one of the most expensive upgrades in Clash of Clans but it is entirely worth it. The Artillery is one of the most valuable defensive buildings that can target troops anywhere in the village, so the upgrade price is completely justified!


Third Line Of Upgrades

We will focus on defences in the third line of upgrades since all our offensive upgrades should have been completed already.

  • Scattershot - The Scattershot is a very strong defense with high splash damage output, meaning it can attack multiple targets simultaneously. You only have to upgrade the Scattershot once, and you’re all set for Town Hall 15. This upgrade is way too good for you to skip or delay it.

  • Inferno Tower - Though you unlocked this building five Town Hall levels ago, Inferno Towers remain extremely valuable, especially for taking out beefy troops with Single-Target mode. You’ll have to upgrade multiple Inferno Towers but trust me; these upgrades will be worth it.

  • Builder Hut - Last Town Hall level, we could upgrade Builder Huts and have them deal damage. Upgrading Builder Huts becomes a priority, not only because they deal great damage but because they can repair your buildings in the middle of a raid!

  • X-Bow - The X-Bow is a long-ranged defensive building that can attack air and ground troops, making it an important defense. You’ll have to work on multiple X-Bows, but their value will always make the upgrade pay off.

  • Air Defense - I’ve noticed that air attacks become slightly less popular at Town Hall 15 compared to lower Town Hall levels, so I’ve chosen to put the Air Defense a little lower on the upgrade priority list. Still, Air Defenses will be crucial for dealing with prominent air troops, especially the Lava Hound.

  • Archer Tower - Any building that attacks air and ground units must be valued higher than buildings that only attack ground targets. So, the Archer Tower is next on the list. The Archer Towers deal decent single-target damage; its upgrades do not cost as much and will not take too long.

Builder Hut

Fourth Line Of Upgrades

Finally, we’ve made it to the last wave of defenses, the fourth line of upgrades. Here are the remaining upgrades you can complete.

  • Wizard Tower - The Wizard Tower isn’t as effective as it used to be in lower Town Halls, but it can still be a valuable buttet to deal with swarm troops such as Miners, Hog Riders, and especially Bats.

  • Hidden Tesla - The Hidden Tesla is one of my favorite defenses, especially when you lay out a Tesla Farm in your base (putting all your Teslas in one location). The Hidden Tesla deals solid point target damage to air and ground units, but unfortunately, it is not a high-priority upgrade.

  • Bomb Tower - The Bomb Tower is another great defense for dealing with ground swarm troops like the Miner and Hog Rider. Bomb Towers also drop a bomb on death, which often forces enemies to spend Heal Spells on their troops. However, it is low on the list since it does not target air units.

  • Cannon - Cannons aren’t the greatest defense, but the little things add up. You’ll have to max out your Cannons to max out Town Hall 15, so upgrading it is kind of unavoidable. Still, they could come in handy, so I don’t suggest skipping the upgrade.

  • Mortar - The last defensive building is the Mortar, which I think is completely useless at Town Hall 15. I won’t blame you if you skip this upgrade entirely, as it is super underwhelming and probably a waste of Gold. I’m the biggest Mortar hater, so I’ll let you decide.

  • Traps And Walls - Finally, you have to work on your Traps and quickly upgrade your Walls. This process is tedious, especially when Wall upgrades cost so much, but it’s necessary to max everything out before heading to Town Hall 16.

Speaking of Town Hall 16, visit our best upgrade order list for Town Hall 16 if this Town Hall 15 guide was helpful!

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