See The Best Town Hall 14 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

Laying out your new buildings and upgrading your Laboratory are the first things to do after upgrading to Town Hall 14, but what should you do next?

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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See The Best Town Hall 14 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

At Town Hall 14, you will receive additional buildings and unlock new ones, including:

  • Pet House

  • Upgraded Builder Huts

Once your Town Hall has been upgraded to Level 14, the first thing to do is allocate two builders to lay out all your new buildings, especially the Pet House. You don't have to upgrade these buildings immediately; just have them laid out at level 1 and upgrade them systematically with the upgrade order. Ideally, you should have all six builders.

Top Priority Upgrades

After laying out your new buildings, you can start upgrading these buildings first:

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is the first upgrade you will work on, as it will allow you to upgrade your troops. Troop upgrades do not require Builders, so it's the most time-effective upgrade if done early.

  • Pet House - Earlier, I told you to lay out the Pet House, and you're immediately going to continue upgrading it. You can unlock four pets that will significantly improve your attacking capabilities by maxing out your Pet House.

  • Clan Castle - The Clan Castle will always be a top priority upgrade, but the upgrade becomes more valuable at Town Hall 14, as a Level 10 Clan Castle will give you an extra Spell housing space to carry an extra Freeze Spell or other one-housing-space Spells.

  • Barracks - By upgrading the Barracks, the new troop you unlock at Town Hall 14 is the Electro Titan, a potent ground troop used at this Town Hall level. If you want to practice your attacks using her, upgrading the Barracks becomes a priority upgrade.

  • All Storages - Upgrades at Town Hall 14 are super expensive and take a long time to complete. So, you must upgrade all your Storages so you don't leak any resources and prepare for the subsequent upgrades accordingly.

  • Workshop - Upgrading your Workshop will give you access to the Flame Flinger, one of my favorite Siege Machines in the game. You can significantly help yourself and your clanmates by donating the Flame Flinger. But if your clanmates often donate Siege Machines already, you can save this upgrade for later.

  • Archer Queen - Now, it's time to pool your Dark Elixir somewhere, and I highly recommend spending them on your Archer Queen. Queen Charge strategies remain prominent at Town Hall 14, so you should get her maxed out immediately.

Pet House

Second Line Of Upgrades

Once the top priority upgrades are done, you can begin upgrading your heroes and strengthen your base with defense upgrades:

  • Royal Champion - The Royal Champion is the second hero to prioritize, as she is an essential offensive buttet. She can take down large portions of bases, especially because she can jump over walls.

  • Grand Warden - You'll probably be spending a ton of Dark Elixir on your Queen and Champion, so the good news is your Grand Warden requires regular Elixir! I don't have to tell you that the Warden is crucial for attacks, especially with the contribution of his hero ability.

  • Eagle Artillery - Now, you can finally get to upgrading defenses. You'll start with the Eagle Artillery, a powerful defense. You should aim to put the Eagle Artillery somewhere in the middle of your base for maximum effectiveness.

  • Scattershot - The Scattershot is the new defense unlocked at Town Hall 13 and remains one of the best defensive buildings at Town Hall 14, which is why you'll get to it next. Get them to level 3 as soon as you can!

  • Giga Inferno - Next, you'll work on our Town Hall's weapon, the Giga Inferno. Maxing this upgrade will allow your Town Hall to drop a bomb on death, which can help repel ground troops like Miners and Hog Riders.

  • Barbarian King - Once you've recovered Dark Elixir from upgrading your Queen and Champion, you can begin working on your Barbarian King. Though he isn't the strongest hero, he will be crucial for creating funnels in attacks.

Third Line Of Upgrades

The third line of upgrades will focus on defensive buildings, as every offensive aspect has been covered already:

  • Inferno Tower - The Inferno Tower is always a valuable defense. Single-Target Infernos can melt tanky troops and enemy heroes, but you also want to have some Multi-Target Infernos to deal with swarm troops.

  • Builder Hut - The Builder Hut weapon is probably the funniest thing I've seen in Clash of Clans. At Town Hall 14, you can now upgrade your Builder huts and turn them into a defense that attacks ground and air units and can repair buildings in the middle of attacks.

  • X-Bow - The effectiveness of X-Bows has marginally decreased by the time you reach Town Hall 14, but they are still instrumental in defense. Their long range allows them to be a threat against Queen Charges and Siege Machines.

  • Air Defense - The LaLo attack strategy is prevalent at Town Hall 14, making Air Defenses a must-upgrade. Air Defenses are incredibly important to repel air attaccks.

  • Wizard Tower - The Wizard Towers deal splash damage to air and ground units, which will be potent against swarm troops like Miners, Hog Riders, and Bats.

  • Archer Tower - If you have yet to notice, most of the priority defensive upgrades are buildings that can attack air and ground units. Since the Archer Tower fits the criteria, it will be the next building to focus on.

Fourth Line Of Upgrades

You're almost at the finish line and only have a few more upgrades to go:

  • Bomb Tower - Though Bomb Towers cannot target air units, they are one of the best defensive building to deal with Miners and Hogs, which is crucial since the Queen Charge Hybrid is a prominent attack strategy at Town Hall 14.

  • Hidden Tesla - Back to focusing on buildings that attack ground and air units, we have the Hidden Tesla next on the list. Tesla Farms (putting all your Teslas next to each other) can defend an area of your base very well.

  • Cannon - Now, we're finishing up with the Town Hall 14 upgrades. The Cannon isn't the best defensive building, but we'll upgrade it just for the sake of it.

  • Mortar - Mortars have pretty much become useless. I still recommend upgrading it, but I completely understand if you want to skip it.

  • Walls And Traps - Finally, the last thing to do is to quickly upgrade your Walls and max out your Traps.

Max TH14

Suggested Laboratory Upgrades

At Town Hall 14, you will have an abundance of troops to work with. I will only suggest some of the most common troops you'll see in the best Town Hall 14 attack strategies in Clash of Clans:

  • Balloon - From personal experience, I think the Blizzard LaLo is one of the strongest attack strategies at this Town Hall level. Since you can't upgrade the Lava Hound further, the Balloon should be a top-priority troop upgrade, especially if you like using air attacks.

  • Miner - My favorite attack strategy is the Queen Charge Hybrid, which consists of Miners and Hog Riders. I highly recommend using this attack strategy if you like the Queen Charge strategy.

  • Hog Rider - The second component for the Queen Charge Hybrid is the Hog Rider, so that's the next troop I'll suggest you upgrade. You can also mix in Hog Riders in other attack strategies.

  • Ice Golem - Though you won't use dozens of Ice Golems in any attack strategy, it is still a troop you'll see in most attacks. Since the troop is very flexible in which armies it can fit in, the Ice Golem is the next troop I'll suggest.

  • Electro Titan - The Electro Titan is the new troop you unlock at Town Hall 14, and I found her to be very useful. If you want to try new things, now is the perfect time to start using the Electro Titan!

  • Yeti - The Yeti is another troop you'll see in many Town Hall 14 attack strategies. You can combine Yetis with Electro Titans and Witches, which creates a powerful ground attack strategy.

Electro Titan

If this guide has helped you max out Town Hall 14 smoothly, visit our article on the best upgrade order for Town Hall 15!

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