See The Best Town Hall 13 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

Laying out your new buildings and working on your Laboratory are the first things to do after getting to Town Hall 13, but what should you do next?

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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See The Best Town Hall 13 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

At Town Hall 13, along with additional buildings, you will unlock these notable buildings:

  • Royal Champion

  • Giga Inferno (Town Hall Weapon)

  • Scattershot

After upgrading your Town Hall to level 13, you want to allocate at least two builders to lay out all your new buildings, especially the Royal Champion and Scattershot. You can leave these buildings at level 1 and upgrade them systematically with the upgrade order below. Hopefully, you will have all six Builders to speed up the proces

Top Priority Upgrades

While your new buildings are being built, you can immediately work on some high-priority upgrades such as these:

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is always the first building you want to upgrade so you can upgrade your troops and increase your offensive capabilities. Laboratory upgrades don’t use Builders, making working on your Lab first very time-effective.

  • Clan Castle - Upgrading your Clan Castle to level 9 won’t give you additional Spell capacity, but you’ll get five extra troop housing spaces, which is always nice to have.

  • Army Camps - Next, you should begin working on the four Army Camps you have. Ideally, you want to have two of them upgraded as soon as possible and have the other two going when you have the funds or spare Builders.

  • Resource Storages - Upgrades at Town Hall 13 can get very pricey and have incredibly long durations. If you’re an active player, you must upgrade your Storages so you won’t leak any resources while waiting to complete your upgrades.

  • Barracks - Upgrading the Barracks is the next course of action, as you will unlock the Dragon Rider. I personally don’t use Dragon Riders that much, but trying new troops is always fun.

  • Dark Barracks - The Dark Barracks upgrade will let you train the Apprentice Warden. You’ll often see one or two Apprentice Wardens in numerous army compositions at Town Hall 13, so the Dark Barracks is a good choice for an early upgrade.

  • Spell Factory - Upgrading your Spell Factory will give you access to the Recall Spell, one of the most interesting Spells in the game. The Recall Spell will be key to becoming a good Queen Charge or Warden Walk player.

Level 11 Lab

Second Line Of Upgrades

Once the top-priority upgrades are done, there is still more work to do! Here are the next seven upgrades to focus on:

  • Workshop - At Town Hall 13, you can unlock the Siege Barracks and Log Launcher, as you can upgrade the Workshop twice. If you’re in an inactive clan, I recommend doing this upgrade as soon as possible. However, if you receive many donations from higher-level clanmates, you can save this upgrade for later.

  • Royal Champion - Next, you should work on the new hero, the Royal Champion. Since she’s new and starts at level 1, try pooling in as much Dark Elixir as possible and get her to at least level 15 before allocating mbuttive amounts of Dark Elixir elsewhere.

  • Archer Queen - In my opinion, the Archer Queen is the best hero in Clash of Clans. The Queen Charge strategy is way too good at Town Hall 13, so get her maxed out as quickly as possible.

  • Grand Warden - I know you’ll be spending a ton of Dark Elixir on the Royal Champion and Archer Queen, but at least the Grand Warden uses Elixir. The Grand Warden becomes more critical at Town Hall 13 since you can perform Warden Walks.

  • Giga Inferno - A “new” defensive building at Town Hall 13 is the Giga Inferno, which is an upgraded version of your Town Hall weapon. Your Town Hall can now act as an Inferno Tower, making it a very threatening building in defense.

  • Scattershot - The Scattershot is the new building you unlock at this Town Hall level, and it becomes essential for a strong defense. Definitely max it out whenever you can to strengthen your defenses, especially for Clan Wars.

  • Eagle Artillery - The Eagle Artillery remains one of the most valuable defensive buildings at Town Hall 13, so we won’t forget about it and upgrade it after the Scattershot.

Third Line Of Upgrades

Now that most of your offensive upgrades are completed, you can shift your focus on defenses to keep you competitive in Clan Wars:

  • Barbarian King - The Barbarian King is the lowest priority upgrade among the heroes. I think you can keep him at level 66 and max out your Archer Queen and Royal Champion first, only upgrading him if you have spare Dark Elixir.

  • Inferno Tower - Inferno Towers are still crucial in defense, and some Single-Targeted ones will significantly help against beefy troops like the Lava Hound.

  • X-Bow - The X-Bows are crucial against Queen Charge strategies and can also deal with Siege Machines relatively well, thanks to their long range. You can upgrade the X-Bow twice at Town Hall 13.

  • Air Defense - With the LaLo being quite popular at Town Hall 13, it’s essential to upgrade your Air Defenses quickly, which will help to repel air troops.

  • Archer Tower - The Archer Towers can be upgraded twice at Town Hall 13 and is a very solid defense simply because they can attack both air and ground units. Their single-target damage will help soften tanky troops.

  • Wizard Tower - With Balloons, Miners, and Hog Riders being popular swarm troops at Town Hall 13, the Wizard Tower becomes an important defensive building to deal with them.

Max TH13

Fourth Line Of Upgrades

You’re almost at the finish line and only have a few remaining upgrades to work on:

  • Bomb Tower - The Bomb Tower is probably one of the best defenses to deal with Hog Riders and Miners, as the bomb it drops on death can force the attacker to spend a Heal Spell.

  • Hidden Tesla - The Hidden Teslas work similarly to Archer Towers in that they deal single-target damage to air and ground units, making them a solid defense.

  • Cannon - The Cannon isn’t the best defensive building, so it is so far down the upgrade priority list. Still, you will have to upgrade them twice to max out Town Hall 13.

  • Mortar - The Mortar is pretty much useless at Town Hall 13, but we’ll still get it done.

  • Walls And Traps - Finally, you need to quickly upgrade your Walls and max out your traps. I highly recommend maxing everything out, but you can skip the Walls if you are too lazy to do them.

Suggested Laboratory Upgrades

You can use many different attack strategies at Town Hall 13, so the upgrade order entirely comes down to personal preference. I’ll just suggest some commonly used troops at this Town Hall level:

  • Miner - I’ve found mbuttive success with the Queen Charge Hybrid at Town Hall 13, which includes the Miner as one of the main components.

  • Hog Rider - The second component to the Queen Charge Hybrid is the Hog Rider, which is why he’s the second upgrade I’ll suggest.

  • Healer - For any Queen Charge variant, one specific troop is present in all of them: the Healer. So, I highly recommend making the Healer a top priority Lab upgrade for all Queen Charge enjoyers.

  • Witch - The Witch is a popularly used ground troop at Town Hall 13, especially Super Witches. Get your Witch maxed out if you want to utilize her for your attack strategies!

  • Lava Hound - Another popular attack strategy is the Queen Charge LaLo, which requires upgrading the Lava Hound.

  • Balloon - The second component of the LaLo is the Balloon, which is why it is next on the list. If you prefer air attacks, you can work on your LaLo before the ground troops mentioned above.

  • Wizard - Another useful ground troop is the Wizard, especially when you boost them to Super Wizards. You can use Super Wizards in a PEKKA Smash army and also donate them to clanmates so they can put Super Wizards in their Blimp.

Super Witches

If this guide has helped you go through Town Hall 13 smoothly, check out our list for the best upgrade order for Town Hall 14!

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