What Is Capital Gold In Clash of Clans?

Capital Gold is a new resource that can significantly benefit your clan members. If you want to contribute, learn all you need to know about Capital Gold here!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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What Is Capital Gold In Clash of Clans?

What Is Capital Gold?

Capital Gold is a resource that can be obtained through the Clan Capital game mode in Clash of Clans. By collecting Capital Gold, players are able to contribute to upgrading their clan’s buildings and ruins, which will benefit everyone in the clan.


These buildings and ruins will usually cost a hefty sum of Capital Gold, so a single player won’t be able to collect enough for the upgrades alone, which is why a clan effort is needed. Once enough Capital Gold is collected, the Grand Builder can instantly upgrade the building.

How To Get Capital Gold In Clash of Clans

Now that we’ve understood what Capital Gold does let’s actually find out how to get them! In Clash of Clans, there are three different ways to collect Capital Gold:

  1. Loot From Raid Weekends
  2. Through The Forge
  3. Season Challenges

Let’s review each of the three methods to gain Capital Gold.

Loot From Raid Weekends

Raid Weekends are essentially the primary way for clans to battle it out in the Clan Capital. During these Raid Weekends, clans will attack the Clan Capitals of other clans. When successful, clans will receive Capital Gold and Raid Medals.


Attacking in Raid Weekends will involve players using Clan Capital Troops and Clan Capital Spells to attack and destroy the Capitals of the opposing clans.

As the name suggests, Raid Weekends occur every weekend, so make sure you get your attacks in to gain as much Capital Gold as possible!

Through The Forge

In Clash of Clans, The Forge is a building that produces Capital Gold. Within The Forge, there are two methods of collecting Capital Gold through automatic production and through crafting.

Automatic Production

The Forge will automatically produce batches of Capital Gold that cost nothing so that players will be getting Capital Gold for free. However, the amount produced isn’t that much.

The Forge will produce more Capital Gold as your Town Hall level increases. Once you’ve collected the Capital Gold, another batch will be produced 23 hours later. Make sure to keep on collecting them every day!

Crafting Capital Gold

Crafting them is the second method to get Capital Gold through The Forge. Keep in mind that you will only be able to craft once you are Town Hall 9 or above.

Through crafting, players will use Home Village Gold and Elixir in exchange for Capital Gold. Once you’ve reached Town Hall 13, you can also expend Dark Elixir to craft Capital Gold.


Players with a level 8 Builder Hall or above can also use Builder Base Gold and Elixir to craft Capital Gold.

Crafting Capital Gold will require Builders, and it will take three days for the crafting process to be complete.

Season Challenges

Season Challenges are available to all players and will last one month. Players will be rewarded with Challenge Points by completing different sets of challenges. Accumulating Challenge Points will allow players to collect rewards such as Gold, Elixir, Magic Items, and more. One of the rewards you can get is Capital Gold.

Season Challenges

You can get Capital Gold without buying the Gold Pass, but you can receive even more Capital Gold if you spend real money for the pass.

Why Should I Collect Capital Gold?

Earning Capital Gold doesn’t sound easy and will take some effort, so is collecting them worth it? The main reason why you should look for Capital Gold is because contributors will receive Raid Medals.

Raid Medals work similarly to Clan War League Medals, as these Raid Medals can be traded for rewards such as Gold, Elixir, Potions, and Jars that can help you progress your base and upgrade your troops quickly. You will be able to spend your Raid Medals by visiting the Trader.

Trade Raid Medals

Raid Medals can also be used to reinforce your Clan Castle with troops. This means that you can donate troops to yourself, and the troops donated will be of Max Levels.

And there you have it! That is all you need to know about Capital Gold, how to collect them, and why it is beneficial to gather them.

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