How To Upgrade Troops In Clash of Clans

Trying to raid but your troops aren’t strong enough? Upgrading troops is essential to progressing in Clash of Clans.

Updated on Oct 14, 2023
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How To Upgrade Troops In Clash of Clans

To max out your base and upgrade your walls, you will have to raid strong bases in Clash of Clans. Low level troops won’t get the job done, so here’s how you can upgrade your troops!

How To Upgrade Clash Of Clans Troops With The Laboratory

In Clash of Clans, upgrading troops revolves around the building called the Laboratory.

Build The Laboratory

The Laboratory is unlockable once you’ve unlocked Town Hall Level 3. Once you reach TH3, you can build the Laboratory and choose what troops to upgrade first!


The Laboratory is responsible for upgrading troops, spells, and siege machines!

Upgrade Your Clash Of Clans Troops

Once you’ve built the Laboratory, you can upgrade your troops to the next level. You will have a list of troops that you can upgrade. If some troops are greyed out or missing, then it’s because your Barracks or Laboratory level is too low!

Upgrading Troops

Keep in mind that to begin the upgrading process, you will need to spend a fixed amount of Elixir or Dark Elixir. Nothing comes for free!

If you have sufficient resources to upgrade a troop of your choice, you can click on which troop you want to upgrade, and the Laboratory will start getting to work. 

Upgrading the troop will take a certain amount of time for the upgrade to process. All the information on prices and upgrade time will be provided in the Lab. You will not need a Builder for Laboratory upgrades!

Upgrade Your Laboratory

To get your troops to higher levels, you must upgrade the Laboratory. You will always get a Laboratory upgrade level for every Town Hall upgrade, so make sure to work on your Lab as soon as you upgrade your Town Hall!

Higher Level Laboratory

The prices for troop upgrades will increase as the levels increase. Your first few upgrades will cost you a couple hundred thousand Elixir, but as you reach higher Town Halls, you could look at 10,000,000+ Elixir!

How To Upgrade Hero Troops In Clash Of Clans

Using the Laboratory will allow you to upgrade troops, spells, and siege machines. Though these three sound pretty complete, it’s missing one crucial component of your army: your heroes!

Upgrading heroes will follow a different process from regular troops and spells. To upgrade your heroes, all you need to do is click on your Hero Altar. Once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll see the Upgrade option.

Upgrade Heroes

Clicking on the Upgrade button will open up a new menu showing the details of your Hero upgrade. The price, duration, and benefits will be fully displayed!

Remember that hero upgrades work like any building upgrades, meaning you will need a Builder throughout the upgrade!

Builder Upgrading

How To Upgrade Clash Of Clans Troops Fast

Upgrading troops will take a lot of time and resources and can be a pain in the butt to max out. Here are some tips to upgrade your Clash of Clans troops quickly!

  1. Keep farming resources! Upgrading troops require Dark Elixir and Elixir, so it’s essential to keep farming Elixir and Dark Elixir to prepare enough resources for your next upgrade while your current one is processing.

  2. Always have an upgrade going! One of the most annoying things about upgrading troops is time. You want to make sure your Laboratory is having zero downtime so you can maximize your upgrade times.

  3. Use Potions, Books, and Hammers! You can utilize Magic Items such as Potions, Books, and Hammers to speed up the upgrading process. These Magic Items can do anything from instantly completing upgrades, speeding up the upgrade times, and instantly upgrading the troops at no cost! You can get the Hammer of Fighting from the League Medal shop!

Hammer of Fighting

Research Potion

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