How To Farm Dark Elixir Fast In CoC [4 Best Strategies]

Raiding dead bases and finding suitable trophy ranges are common strategies to farm Dark Elixir quickly, but some players are missing more effective methods.

Updated on Oct 21, 2023
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How To Farm Dark Elixir Fast In CoC [4 Best Strategies]

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Raid Dead Bases

The easiest and most effective Dark Elixir farming method is looking for dead bases. “Dead bases” refer to villages that their owner has abandoned. In other words, the owner of the village has not played Clash of Clans for a very long time.

Since nobody is there to collect resources, all the loot will be stored in the Mines, Pumps, and Drills. These bases will have zero Dark Elixir stored in the Storage and Town hall, so every drop of Dark Elixir can be found in the Drills.

That way, you won’t need to put in the effort to break into the middle of the base, and you only need to loot the Drills that are usually placed in the outskirts of the base. This also applies to Elixir Collectors, which can help you farm Elixir quickly as well!

If you have a difficult time identifying dead bases, here are the most common indicators:

  • Lots of tombstones around the base

  • Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors are full

  • No League badge or clan

  • Builders are all asleep (Zzz on top of the Huts)

You can see how much Dark Elixir is stored in a Drill by looking at the top of it. On top of Dark Elixir Drills are storages shaped like a cube. If a Drill is full, you can see the cube filled with Dark Elixir.

Full Dark Elixir Drills

High-level Dark Elixir drills can easily give you 2,800 to 3,600 Dark Elixir each. Multiply that by three, and you can easily find bases offering 7,000+ Dark Elixir, and all of that juicy loot is stored outside of the base!

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Maximizing League Bonuses

When placed in a Trophy League, you can reap bonus loot benefits after every raid. There are two types of League bonuses. Let’s review each one and how they can help you collect Dark Elixir.

Raid Bonuses

In every multiplayer raid you complete, as long as you are in a Trophy League, you can earn Raid Bonuses that give you extra Dark Elixir. The amount of loot you receive from Raid Bonuses is dependent on two factors:

  1. Your current Trophy League

  2. The percentage of the enemy base you destroyed

Raid Bonus

As you go higher in trophies, you will be placed in higher Leagues. You will get more loot from Raid Bonuses the higher your League is. For example, from Raid Bonuses, you can get a maximum of 320 Dark Elixir in Crystal I and 920 Dark Elixir in Master I.

The second factor to how much Dark Elixir you get from Raid Bonuses is how much destruction you get on the base. You will get the maximum bonus reward if you raid 70% of the base or above. The amount of stars does not matter, as it only looks at the destruction percentage of the attack.

Star Bonuses

Star Bonuses are available daily, and you can claim the bonus by getting five stars from multiplayer battles. Raid Bonuses do not account for stars, but as the name suggests, Star Bonuses do. Again, the bonus amount depends on your Trophy League.

Star Bonuses CoC

You can immediately complete the daily Star Bonus by getting two three-star attacks every day. To give you an idea, you can get 3,000 Dark Elixir from a Crystal I Star Bonus and 3,750 from a Master I Star Bonus.

To maximize the amount of Dark Elixir you get from Star Bonuses, make sure to complete them every day. Two well-executed raids per day are usually enough to fulfil the requirements, and maximizing these bonuses can give you more Dark Elixir than you think.

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Abusing Sneaky Goblins

By far, the easiest and most effective Dark Elixir farming attack strategy at Town Hall 11 and above is the Sneaky Goblins strategy. You want to get Super Troops fast so you can abuse Sneaky Goblins as soon as possible. 

For those unfamiliar, Sneaky Goblins have a special ability called "Cloak" that makes them invisible to defenses for the first five seconds after being deployed. This five second window allows the Goblins to sneak in front of resource buildings undetected.

Sneaky Goblins

The idea of the strategy is to use Jump Spells to path your Sneaky Goblins to the center of the base, where the Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage are often located. Since Sneaky Goblins only focus on resource buildings, all you have to do is clear the outer structures and use Jump Spells to send your Sneaky Goblins to the center of the base.

Sneaky Goblins Jump

The best part about the army is you will only need two types of troops: Sneaky Goblins and Wall Breakers. That way, you can always queue up Sneaky Goblins in your Barracks that will be training while you are attacking. Once you’ve finished an attack, you will have another army ready to go.

As for Spells, you want at least two Jump Spells, at least one Rage Spell, a few Freeze Spells, and an Invisibility Spell. The Jump Spells will help the Goblins reach the center. Once your Goblins are in the center of the base, support them with Rage and Invisibility spells to help them last longer and Freeze any splash damage defenses around them.

Remember that the Sneaky Goblins attack strategy is not a three-star strategy. But, you can still push trophies with it since you always get at least one star after destroying the Town Hall.

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Participate In Clan Initiatives

Contributing to your clan can reward you handsomely with lots of Dark Elixir. The two main initiatives you want to focus on are Clan Wars and Clan Games. To maximize the rewards you get from these initiatives, join an active clan that levels up quickly.

Clan Wars

Joining Clan Wars can help you get loads of Dark Elixir. When you earn stars for your clan in Clan Wars, you can earn War Bonuses, including Dark Elixir.

The amount of Dark Elixir from War Bonuses varies from Town Hall level, but we’re looking at the thousands. You will get 100% of the War Bonus if you win the war, and will only get a percentage of it if you lose.

War Win Bonus

Though actively participating in Clan Wars can already give you up to 10,000 Dark Elixir a week, things get better if you join the Clan War League, which occurs once a month. In Clan War Leagues, War Bonuses are multiplied by two, so you can get twice as much Dark Elixir from each attack! This method also helps you farm Gold fast.

Clan Games

Another monthly clan activity is the Clan Games. By completing various tasks, you can earn points for your clan. The more points your clan gets, the more rewards you’ll unlock.

As you probably guessed, Dark Elixir is one of the rewards you can receive from playing in Clan Games. However, what you’re mainly looking for is the Rune of Dark Elixir, a Magic Item that can appear as a Clan Games reward.

Rune of Dark Elixir

When activating the Rune of Dark Elixir, your Dark Elixir Storage will be filled to the brim instantly. Make sure you spend all your remaining Dark Elixir before using the Rune to maximize how much Dark Elixir you get!

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