How To Level Up Clan In Clash Of Clans Fast? (All Methods)

Growing as a Clan is what Clash of Clans is all about, so here's all you need to know about leveling up your Clan quickly!

Updated on Oct 03, 2023
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How To Level Up Clan In Clash Of Clans Fast? (All Methods)

The first step in leveling up your Clan quickly is to have a solid lineup of members because more members = more manpower! Once you have an active lineup of members, you can begin doing the methods below:

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Participate In As Many Clan Wars As Possible

The first way to level your new Clan quickly is to keep doing Clan Wars. Participating in Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues will give your Clan XP from different achievements.

You can gain up to 8,775 Clan XP monthly from doing Clan Wars. 

Here are the four ways you can get Clan XP to level up your Clan:

  • A successful attack on each enemy war base (at least one star)

  • Over 40% of possible war stars (in a 10 vs 10 war, the maximum number of stars is 30, so you need over 12 stars)

  • Over 60% of possible war stars (in a 10 vs 10 war, the maximum number of stars is 30, so you need over 18 stars)

  • Winning the war gives another bonus of Clan XP

We've created a table with the XP numbers included to give you a visualization.

Clan War Size

Successful Attack On All Bases

At Least 40% Of Total War Stars

At Least 60% Of Total War Stars

Bonus If War Is Won

Maximum Total Clan XP Awarded

10 vs 10

100 XP

10 XP

25 XP

50 XP

185 XP

15 vs 15

150 XP

10 XP

25 XP

50 XP

235 XP

20 vs 20

200 XP

10 XP

25 XP

50 XP

285 XP

25 vs 25

250 XP

10 XP

25 XP

50 XP

335 XP

30 vs 30

300 XP

10 XP

25 XP

50 XP

385 XP

40 vs 40

400 XP

10 XP

25 XP

50 XP

485 XP

50 vs 50

500 XP

10 XP

25 XP

50 XP

585 XP

It's pretty apparent that having as many members as possible will help you get clan levels faster, so make sure to include as many people as possible for Clan Wars! Make sure to kick players who haven't played Clash of Clans in a long time and replace them with new, active players.

Clan War XP

The main goal of Clan Wars is to get at least two stars on every enemy base. By getting at least two stars on every base, you will fulfill three of the four requirements to receive Clan XP, as you would at least have 60% of all the total war stars.

Of course, winning the war is an excellent bonus to the amount of XP your Clan receives!

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Join Raid Weekends Every Week

Raid Weekends is another way to farm Clan XP at a rapid pace effectively. Players attack other Clan Capitals in Raid Weekends to earn Capital Gold, Raid Medals, and Clan XP.

You can gain up to 3,200 Clan XP monthly from doing Raid Weekends.

Completing Raid Weekends is the second-fastest method to level up your Clan. However, depending on your Clan's League Level, you will be rewarded different amounts of Clan XP points. 

Raid Weekends

Here is a table to help you visualize how many XP points you can earn in different League Levels.

League Level

Trophy Range

Clan XP Earned


0 - 199


Bronze League

200 - 799

25 - 75

Silver League

800 - 1,399

100 - 150

Gold League

1,400 - 1,999

175 - 225

Crystal League

2,000 - 2,599

250 - 300

Master League

2600 - 3,199

350 - 450

Champion League

3200 - 4,099

500 - 600

Titan League

4,100 - 4,999

650 - 750

Legend League



When you complete a Raid Weekend in a particular league, your Clan will receive Clan XP. So, you must get into higher leagues and participate weekly to maximize the amount of Clan XP and clan perks you can earn monthly.

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Complete Clan Games Every Month

Clan Games is another way to level up your Clan faster, and having more active members will help you immensely.

You can gain up to 560 Clan XP monthly from doing Clan Games.

In Clan Games, there will be seven Reward Tiers you can unlock. The higher your tier, the more XP you will be awarded.

Here's a visual representation of cumulative Clan XP numbers you can receive from Clan Games:

Reward Tier

Clan XP Awarded

Tier I


Tier II


Tier III


Tier IV


Tier V


Tier VI


Tier VII


Reaching the highest reward tier (Tier 7) should be relatively easy if you have 20 to 25 members participating in Clan Games. Make sure to add active Clash of Clans players and recruit them for your Clan Games!

Clan Games Rewards

The Tier 7 reward level requires 75,000 points, and a member can contribute a maximum of 4,000. You will only need 19 members to max out their contributions to reach 75,000 points, so a few extra hands could help you reach it if only a few people max out at 4,000. 

However, reaching the highest tier will only give you 560 Clan XP, less than the maximum Clan XP of a 50 vs 50 war. Clan Games happen monthly, while you can have Clan Wars every two days.

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