See The Best Town Hall 7 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

Upgrading your Laboratory, Barracks, and Dark Barracks will help you quickly progress through Town Hall 7, but what upgrades are next on the list?

Updated on Dec 06, 2023
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See The Best Town Hall 7 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

At Town Hall 7, you will unlock the following buildings:

  • Cannon (x2)

  • Archer Tower (x1)

  • Mortar (x1)

  • Air Defense (x1)

  • Hidden Tesla (x2)

  • Dark Elixir Storage (x1)

  • Dark Elixir Drill (x1)

  • Dark Barracks (x1)

  • Barbarian King Altar (x1)

  • Army Camp (x1)

  • Bomb (x2)

  • Giant Bomb (x1)

  • Seeking Air Mine (x1)

  • Walls (x50)

As you'll unlock many new buildings, things will start ramping up from here. You should first lay out these new buildings, especially the Dark Elixir Storage, Dark Elixir Drills, Dark Barracks, and the Barbarian King Altar. You don't have to upgrade all these buildings immediately; have them laid out in your base.

Top Priority Upgrades

Now that your new buildings are laid out, let's check out the top priority upgrades you should work on as soon as possible.

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is easily the first building you must upgrade. Leveling up your Lab will allow you to upgrade your troops, significantly increasing your offensive capabilities.

  • Barracks - The Barracks is the next building to work on, as you'll unlock a super strong troop: the Dragon. The Dragon is a straightforward yet very effective troop that TH7 players popularly use.

  • Dark Barracks - Not only can you unlock the Dragon, but upgrading your Dark Barracks to Level 2 will give you the Hog Rider, another fantastic troop to practice Clash of Clans attacks with.

  • Spell Factory - New stuff keeps coming, as upgrading your Spell Factory will give you the best spell in the game, the Rage Spell. The Rage Spell will be used throughout every Town Hall level, and you finally get it at TH7.

  • Barbarian King - You will unlock your first hero, the Barbarian King. Make sure to get him in your Village and upgrade him using Dark Elixir whenever possible. You only need to get him to Level 5, which shouldn't be too difficult.

  • Army Camp - You won't be able to upgrade your Army Camp to Level 7 at Town Hall 7, but you receive an extra one from upgrading to this Town Hall level. Make sure that your new Army Camp is maxed out!

Barbarian King Altar

Second Line Of Upgrades

If you did not notice, the top priority upgrades consist of buildings that help you increase your offensive capabilities. Now that your offense is sorted, we can start working on the second line of upgrades, which consists of defensive and resource buildings.

  • Air Defense - The Dragon is easily the most popular troop at this Town Hall level, so you must get those Air Defenses maxed out as soon as possible.

  • All Storages - It's essential that you get your Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir Storages upgraded to the highest level so you don't leak out any resources from having full Storages.

  • Mines, Collectors, and Drill - I keep talking about pbuttive income, and I'll do it again. Never underestimate how much Mines, Collectors, and Drills can produce. You're getting resources for free, and their upgrades are relatively cheap.

  • Air Sweeper - Air Sweepers are very annoying for enemy Dragons, making it a high-priority defensive building upgrade.

  • Archer Tower - Dragons are tanky units, not swarm units. So, we want to focus on single-target defenses like the Archer Tower.

  • Hidden Tesla - The Hidden Tesla is another single-target defense like the Archer Tower and can also attack air troops, making it an excellent upgrade to get going.

Air Defense To Level 5

Third Line Of Upgrades

Now, we only have a couple more defenses to go.

  • Wizard Tower - The Wizard Tower is a splash damage building that doesn't help much against Dragons but does a decent job against Hog Riders. So, it is next on the list.

  • Cannon - At this point, we're left with filler defenses, such as the Cannon. Let's just get it done.

  • Mortar - I think the Mortar becomes pretty useless once you've reached Town Hall 7. But, it is still an upgrade you should complete before going to the next Town Hall level.

  • Walls and Traps - Finally, we only have to upgrade our walls and traps. And that's it for the defenses!

Troop and Spell Upgrade Order

At Town Hall 7, you will have significantly more troops and spells than you did at Town Hall 6, so the learning curve gets steeper.

Though you can begin using many more army compositions, three troops and two spells take the spotlight, as these five troops will be seen in every effective attack strategy at Town Hall 7.

  • Dragon - As mentioned multiple times earlier, Dragons are undoubtedly the troop you want to abuse at Town Hall 7, so it is the priority troop upgrade. They are a very easy troop to use and barely require any skill.

  • Hog Rider - If you want more complex attack strategies, using Hog Riders is the way to go. They are a fun swarm troop that can three-star any base if appropriately utilized. However, this strategy will require a lot of practice attacks to get the hang of.

  • Rage Spell - The Rage Spell works exceptionally well with Dragons and is my favorite spell in the game. I highly recommend upgrading your Rage Spells and getting reps in with the spell.

  • Heal Spell - The Heal Spell is always paired with Hog Riders, as the Area of Effect healing works for large groups of Hog Riders. If you want to use Hog Riders over Dragons, you should get the Heal Spell maxed before the Rage Spell.

  • Balloon - Balloons are still usable at Town Hall 7 and are sometimes mixed with Dragons. However, most people use Balloons to play the Balloonion strategy, a clbuttic army consisting of Balloons and Minions.

Dragon To Level 2

The rest of the troop upgrade order is up to you, depending on which armies you want to master! I suggest getting your Minions and Lightning Spells leveled up if you want to practice air attacks.

If this guide has helped you max out Town Hall 7 quickly, check out our upgrade order list for Town Hall 8!

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