See The Best Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order in Clash of Clans!

The first thing to do after upgrading to Town Hall 8 is to work on your Laboratory and Clan Castle. But, what should you do after?

Updated on Dec 06, 2023
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See The Best Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order in Clash of Clans!

At Town Hall 8, you will unlock these buildings below:

  • Archer Tower (x1)

  • Mortar (x1)

  • Wizard Tower (x1)

  • Bomb Tower (x1)

  • Gold Storage (x1)

  • Elixir Storage (x1)

  • Dark Elixir Drill (x1)

  • Dark Spell Factory (x1)

  • Giant Bomb (x1)

  • Skeleton Trap (x2)

  • Spring Trap (x2)

  • Air Bomb (x2)

  • Seeking Air Mines (x2)

  • Walls (x50)

The first thing to do after upgrading to Town Hall 8 is to have at least two builders start working on these new buildings. You don’t have to upgrade them immediately; just have them laid out in your base.

Top Priority Upgrades

Here is a list of the first six buildings you must focus on after upgrading to Town Hall 8:

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is always the first building to work on after upgrading to any Town Hall level, as it allows you to upgrade your troops, increasing your offensive capabilities.

  • Clan Castle - Next is the Clan Castle. You get an extra five housing spaces and can now fit in an extra Hog Rider or an entire PEKKA. The amount of Treasury loot you can carry also increases.

  • Dark Barracks - You want to get your Dark Barracks up to Level 4 as soon as possible, as you’ll unlock the Valkyrie and, most importantly, the Golem, the best troop at this Town Hall level.

  • Barracks - Getting your Barracks up a level will unlock the PEKKA, a great troop paired with the Golem. However, if you’re not looking to use the PEKKA, you can delay the Barracks upgrade for later.

  • Dark Spell Factory - Unlock and upgrade the Dark Spell factory as fast as possible, since you will unlock the Earthquake spell, which is very useful for many Town Hall 8 attacks.

  • All Storages - Upgrade times at Town Hall 8 start getting lengthy, so you might find yourself full on Storages while waiting for your upgrades to be finished. Upgrade all three types of Storages, especially the Dark Elixir Storage.

Laboratory Upgrade

Second Line Of Upgrades

After getting the top priority upgrades completed, here are the following buildings on the list:

  • Barbarian King - At Town Hall 8, you only need to get your King to Level 10, which shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you farm Dark Elixir quickly. Make sure to upgrade your King whenever you have the resources to!

  • Air Sweeper - Like at Town Hall 7, Dragons are a highly popular troop at Town Hall 8. Make sure to upgrade your Air Sweepers, as they deal with Dragons well.

  • Air Defense - Backing up my point on Air Sweepers, Air Defenses will be crucial for defense at Town Hall 8. I highly suggest upgrading your Air Defenses as soon as possible if you’re actively participating in Clan Wars.

  • Bomb Tower - The Bomb Tower is the new defense you unlock at Town Hall 8 and is crucial in dealing with Hog Riders, another prevalent attack strategy in Town Hall 8. Their ground splash damage should not be underestimated.

  • Mines, Collectors, and Drills - Since upgrades become pretty expensive at Town Hall 8, you might find yourself needing more resources for your next building upgrade. If that’s the case, work on Mines, Collectors, and Drills for that sweet pbuttive income.

  • Archer Tower - Your Archer Towers are one of the best single-target damage defenses available at Town Hall 8, so that’s why they are next on the list. Overall a very solid defensive building.

Third Line Of Upgrades

Here is the last line of upgrades before you max out Town Hall 8; you’re almost there!

  • Wizard Tower - The Wizard Tower isn’t too effective against Dragons but can deal a lot of splash damage to Hog Riders. So, they will be the next priority on the list.

  • Hidden Tesla - Hidden Teslas are similar to Archer Towers, as they deal decent single-target damage to air and ground targets.

  • Cannon - Now that all the defenses are out of the way, you’ll be left with Cannons as one of your final upgrades. So, we’ll get them done before going to the next Town Hall level.

  • Mortar - The lowest priority defense is undoubtedly the Mortar. Though Mortars were prominent in lower Town Hall levels, they’re pretty much useless now, so we will get to them last.

  • Walls and Traps - Last but not least, though they are a pain, you’ll have to upgrade your walls and traps before going to Town Hall 9. I highly recommend getting into the habit of constantly maxing your walls, but it’s entirely up to you.

Wizard Tower Upgrade

Troop Upgrade Order

Regarding troop upgrades, here is a list of troops I find very strong at Town Hall 8. You can mix up the order depending on what type of attack strategies you want to use:

  • Hog Rider - Hog Riders are not only super strong but also super versatile. You can run Mbutt Hog Riders or combine them with Golems and Valkyries. It's definitely the troop to use at Town Hall 8, but it requires a lot of practice attacks.

  • Golem - One of the new troops you unlock is the Golem, another versatile troop. You can pair them with Wizards, PEKKAs, Valkyries, and Hog Riders. I suggest getting good practice with Golems since they’ll be used in higher Town Hall levels, too.

  • Valkyrie - I believe the best attack strategy at Town Hall 8 is the GoVaHo (Golem, Valkyrie, Hog Rider) strategy. To use the strategy to its full potential, you will need the Valkyrie upgraded.

  • Dragon - If you want to keep your attacks simple and easy to execute, Dragons will still work at Town Hall 8. If you want to focus on ground attacks, skip the Dragon upgrade and save it for later.

  • PEKKA - The PEKKA used to be the most-used troop at Town Hall 8, but things have changed. Still, you can utilize old-school Town Hall 8 attack strategies, like the GoWiPe, or you can save this upgrade for later.

  • Heal Spell - The Heal Spell is best paired with Hog Riders and Valkyries, which are two of the strongest troops at Town Hall 8. So, it should be your first spell upgrade priority.

  • Rage Spell - Rage Spells are always helpful, so you should get it upgraded after the Heal Spell is done.

Hog Rider

As mentioned earlier, your troop upgrade order can change depending on what type of army you want to use. Feel free to make your own order of troop upgrades!

If this guide has helped you max out Town Hall 8 quickly, check out our upgrade order list for Town Hall 9!

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