National Flags Have Been Removed in Clash Of Clans, But Why?

Back then, you could purchase your country’s flag and place it in your base. However, Supercell wanted no business with real life references and removed them.

Updated on Oct 06, 2023
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National Flags Have Been Removed in Clash Of Clans, But Why?

On June 24, 2022, Supercell removed national flags from Clash of Clans.

Why Supercell Removed National Flags

Supercell shed some light on why they removed national flags. An official statement from Supercell was given on their official blog.

The Clash Universe is a fantasy realm with a cast of wild, zany, and often humorous characters. And while some things in Clash may draw ideas from various inspirations, we want to keep the Clash Universe separate from real life references.
All national flags are now removed from Clash of Clans. Any flags that have been purchased have been refunded.
Fictional flags still remain in the game.

With many political events happening worldwide in recent years, Supercell apparently wants no part with real world references.

They have chosen to keep their game separate from anything that could get them into any sort of trouble or make the game unenjoyable for players, which makes sense and is a completely respectable business decision.

If you owned national flags and haven't played Clash of Clans in a long time and felt like you received "free" gold, it was just them refunding your flag purchases.

What Was The Purpose Of Flags?

Players used to be able to buy a national flag from the shop for 100,000 Gold. These flags provided no competitive advantage and were only simply for display.

Most Clash of Clans players were keen to buy their country’s flag and place it in their Home Village for as a rare Clash of Clans decoration. However, it was pretty cool that flags could help players add new Clash of Clans friends and recruit clan members fast.

National Flags Before They Were Removed

Do Fictional Flags Still Exist?

It’s important to note that Supercell only removed national flags, so fictional flags are still available in the shop. Fictional flags will have nothing to do with any political commotion, so there is no reason for them to remove them.

White Flag

There are four flags left in the decoration shop:

  • White Flag (5,000 Elixir)

  • Rally Flag (15,000 Elixir)

  • Point Flag (15,000 Elixir)

  • Pirate Flag (500 Gems)

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