How To Log Out Of Clash Of Clans Account [Quick Guide]

Many players want multiple Clash of Clans accounts to keep the game interesting. The first step to having more than one account is to know how to log out.

Updated on Oct 12, 2023
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How To Log Out Of Clash Of Clans Account [Quick Guide]

How To Log Out Of Supercell Account

With the introduction of Supercell accounts, players from both Android and Apple platforms no longer need to use a Google Play account or Game Center account to switch between all their accounts.

Here’s how you can log out of your Supercell account:

  1. Launch your Clash of Clans application

  2. On the bottom right, click on the Gear icon, which will lead you to the Settings menu

  3. At the top of the Settings menu, you will see the Supercell ID section

  4. Click on Connected, which will lead you to the Supercell ID menu

  5. In the Supercell ID menu, hit the Gear icon to go to Settings

  6. In the Supercell ID Settings tab, there will be the Switch Account and Log Out button

Supercell Section

Switch Accounts Or Log Out

If you want to do a complete log out of your Clash of Clans account, you can simply tap the Log Out button. This method should also work if you play Clash of Clans on Windows.

However, if you want to switch between accounts on the same device, you can skip the logging in and out process by immediately switching through multiple accounts with the Switch Accounts button.

How To Log Out From All Devices

Did you log in on another device, and now someone else is playing the same account? The best way to stop this is to log out from all devices.

If you’re in this situation, the situation is quite far-fetched, so you will need to go through more steps and consult the Supercell support team. You can also use the live chat feature to delete your Clash of Clans account or recover it in case it's lost. If you’re willing, then follow the steps below!

  1. Launch Clash of Clans and go to the Settings menu

  2. On the bottom left corner, click Help and Support

  3. The Supercell help menu will open up. Click on the Message Bubble icon on the top right

  4. Next, click on Start a Live Chat and press Start Chatting

  5. In the live chat, tell Supercell that you want your account to be logged out from all devices, then provide them with the following: Your player tag (e.g. #LY0L0JVJ), your account’s in-game name (e.g. Miracle), your account’s Town Hall level, and the name of the Clan you are currently in

  6. Wait for a response from their support team and follow their instructions!

Help And Support

Live Chat

The Supercell live chat team is very friendly and should reply to your message in a few minutes! 

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