See The Best Upgrade Order for Town Hall 6 in Clash of Clans

Working on your Laboratory, Clan Castle, and Spell Factory are the first three things you want to do after upgrading to Town Hall 6, but what do you do after?

Updated on Dec 06, 2023
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See The Best Upgrade Order for Town Hall 6 in Clash of Clans

At Town Hall 6, you will be given the following new buildings:

  • Air Defense (x1)

  • Air Sweeper (x1)

  • Wizard Tower (x1)

  • Mortar (x1)

  • Gold Mine (x1)

  • Elixir Collector (x1)

  • Spring Trap (x2)

  • Wall (x25)

The first thing you want to do is get most of these buildings laid out in your base. You don’t need to upgrade them immediately; just ensure they are built already.

Top Priority Upgrades

Here are the top five building upgrades you must work on first. By completing these upgrades first, you will be on the right track to maxing Town Hall 6 very quickly.

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is always the first building you should upgrade after upgrading your Town Hall, and it’s no exception at Town Hall 6. You can upgrade your troops and strengthen your offensive capabilities by upgrading the Lab.

  • Clan Castle - The second upgrade will cost you Gold, and it’s the Clan Castle. Never underestimate an extra five housing spaces, as you can fit a Dragon with twenty housing spaces.

  • Spell Factory - Next, the Spell Factory is the building you want to upgrade. You will unlock the Heal Spell, a fantastic spell to practice your Clash of Clans attacks.

  • Barracks - One of the best parts about Town Hall 6 is unlocking the Healer, a troop you must abuse at this Town Hall level. In my opinion, the Healer is easily the most valuable troop at this Town Hall level.

  • Army Camps - The Army Camps are always an excellent building to upgrade, as they allow you to house more troops, strengthening your army for raiding enemy bases.

Laboratory CoC

Second Line Of Upgrades

Once the high priority upgrades are completed, you can work on these five buildings next.

  • Air Sweeper - The Air Sweeper is the new defensive building you unlock at Town Hall 6. It is very effective against air troops such as the Balloon and Healer, prominent troops used at this level.

  • Air Defense - At Town Hall 6, players can be donated Dragons, which will pose a big problem to your defense. I highly recommend maxing out both Air Defenses quickly, especially if you are actively taking part in Clan Wars.

  • Wizard Tower - The Wizard Tower is overall a very solid defensive building at Town Hall 6, and you have two of them now. They are versatile in dealing with both ground and air swarm troops, so you can never go wrong with upgrading this building early.

  • Gold And Elixir Storages - If you’re actively raiding bases and farming Gold and Elixir quickly, you might run out of storage space for your resources. Ensure it doesn’t happen by getting your Storages upgraded soon.

  • Archer Tower - The Archer Tower is the next defensive building you will look to upgrade, as it is another air-attacking defense, which should be prioritized highly at this Town Hall level.

Third Line Of Upgrades

If you’ve completed the top priority and second line of upgrades, you’re almost at the finish line of maxing out Town Hall 6. Here are the final few buildings to work on.

  • Gold Mines And Elixir Collectors - Pbuttive income in Clash of Clans should not be underestimated. Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors are very cheap upgrades that don’t take too long to build. Get these guys upgraded whenever you lack resources for a bigger upgrade.

  • Mortar - Though the Mortar is the best defensive building at lower Town Halls, its significance depreciates as you go higher. So, I’ve put the Mortar very late in the upgrade priority list.

  • Cannons - Cannons are the lowest priority regarding the upgrade order for defensive buildings, so it will be the last defense we’ll leave it as the last defense to work on at Town Hall 6.

  • Traps and Walls - Last but not least, we have traps and walls, which are always the last things you want to work on for the defensive side of your base. Upgrading walls quickly may be a pain, but I recommend getting into the habit of maxing them out before upgrading your Town Hall.

Max Town Hall 6

Troop And Spell Upgrade Priority

While you’re working on your buildings, it’s also essential that your Laboratory upgrades keep running. I’ll be suggesting the best troops to upgrade. The troops I’ll mention are part of the best attack strategies at Town Hall 6, and I highly recommend using them.

  • Wizard - Though Wizards are unlocked at Town Hall 5, I think their value skyrockets at Town Hall 6 because of the Healer. The Healer enables the Giant Wizard Healer attack strategy, which, in my opinion, is the best army at this Town Hall level.

  • Giant - As mentioned earlier, the Giant Healer Wizard strategy is an attack you should look to practice. So, getting your Giants upgraded is highly recommended.

  • Healer - The third component is the Healer, which you should get to Level 2 right after your Wizards and Giants are done. When all three troops are upgraded, you can begin using the Giant Wizard Healer strategy at its full potential.

  • Lightning Spell - The Lightning Spell comes in handy, as four Level 2 Lightning Spells can take out an Air Defense, making attacks involving air troops much easier. The Lightning Spell helps with Healer and Balloon attack strategies.

  • Balloon - If you’re not a big fan of using Giants and Healers, then Balloons are still entirely viable at Town Hall 6. You can go for Mbutt Balloons or have a group of Giants take out an Air Defense and clean up the rest of the base with Balloons.

  • Heal Spell - The Heal Spell is an alternative to the Lightning Spell and is definitely usable at this Town Hall level. However, Heal Spells will take more skill than dropping four Lightning Spells at one location, so I’ve chosen to prioritize it later.

Hopefully, this guide will help you max out Town Hall 6 relatively quickly! If you’re ready to go to the next stage, check out our article on the upgrade order list for Town Hall 7.

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