How To Farm Elixir Fast In Clash Of Clans [4 Methods]

Upgrading elixir collectors and doing single-player maps are excellent ways to farm Elixir easily, but these other methods will accelerate your farming game.

Updated on Oct 21, 2023
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How To Farm Elixir Fast In Clash Of Clans [4 Methods]

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Upgrade Your Elixir Collectors

In real life, having pbuttive income always sounds great, right? In Clash of Clans, it’s essentially the same thing if you max out your Elixir Collectors quickly! I can’t tell you how disappointed I am when I see Town Hall 10 players with Level 6 or 7 Elixir Collectors; it’s such a waste.

Elixir Collectors do not cost too much to upgrade, and they only take hours to a few days to upgrade, depending on the level. If you’re not raiding ten bases daily when farming Elixir, I highly recommend getting all your Elixir Collectors maxed out quickly.

Elixir Collector Max

At Town Hall 8, you can already upgrade your Collectors to Level 12, which produces 4,200 Elixir per hour. Multiply that by 6 Elixir Collectors and 24 hours, and you’ll get 604,800 Elixir a day from doing nothing!

Keeping our example at Town Hall 8, most troop upgrades in the Laboratory can range from 650,000 to 1,200,000 Elixir, which will only take one to two days of Elixir Collector production, buttuming they’re all maxed out and running.

Th8 Upgrades

Not to mention, walls cost 75,000 Gold/Elixir to upgrade from Level 7 to 8. You can upgrade eight walls daily from the pbuttive income created by Elixir Collectors. Maxing out walls has never been easier.

The production amount will scale depending on your Town Hall level. Do not underestimate how good these Elixir Collectors can be, so try to upgrade them as soon as possible every time you get to a new Town Hall level!

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Completing The Single Player Campaign

An underrated method of getting Elixir is completing every attack in the single-player map. Though looting single-player maps is a one-time thing for each level, it’s definitely worth going through the 90 available levels one by one.

In the mid-levels, you are looking at hundreds of thousands of Elixir for each level! The amount of loot each level gives is really no joke, and most of the bases on the map are extremely easy to three-star. If you fail, you can always retry the level, as you have unlimited attempts. In the process, you can also get Clash of Clans gold fast while you're at it.

The greatest part about completing the single-player levels is every base is the same for all players. This means there are hundreds of online tutorials showing you exactly how to hit each single-player level.

For example, Level 70 of the single-player campaign is called Pick Your Poison. The raid offers 750,000 Elixir, and the game recommends you to be at least Town Hall 12.

Pick Your Poison

However, you can find dozens of players three-starring the base as a Town Hall 9 with one Google search.

All you need to do is follow exactly what they do. Copy their army and place every troop in the same location and order as they did, and boom. Easy three stars!

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Finding The Right Bases To Raid

The obvious answer to which bases you should raid is if it has a lot of Elixir. But the amount of loot isn’t the only factor in deciding if you should hit that base or not. Let’s get more specific with the types of bases you should look for.

Bases You Are Confident In Three-Starring

We don’t have to tell you that you can get 100% of the available loot if you three-star it. However, the important thing about getting three stars is you can progress your Star and League Bonuses.

Trophy Leagues

You can claim extra Elixir every day if you fulfill the daily Star Bonus. A Star Bonus is completed when you earn five stars from multiplayer battles. So, three-starring two bases every day will guarantee the completion of the Star Bonus, giving you much-needed extra Elixir. In Crystal I, each Star Bonus grants you 650,000 Elixir.

League Bonuses are rewarded after every successful attack. You can get the maximum League Bonus if your destruction surpbuttes 70%. For example, you can get an extra 70,000 Elixir per raid in Crystal I.

Continuing our example of being in Crystal I, you can get an extra 790,000 Elixir from Star and League Bonuses by three-starring two bases every day.

Dead Bases

“Dead bases” refer to Villages that have been inactive for a while. In other words, the owner of the base has not logged into Clash of Clans in weeks or months. Since the owner has been inactive, nobody is there to collect Elixir from the Collectors.

Dead Base

That way, all the Elixir in the base can be found in the Collectors, which are usually placed outside of the base. All you need to do is loot Elixir from the Collectors, so you won’t have to execute a proper attack and go to the center of the base.

Usually, you want to find dead bases with a higher Town Hall level than you, as attacking higher THs will grant you more loot. Since you’re only raiding the outskirts, you can easily get 50% destruction and earn a star to contribute to your Star Bonus.

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Participate In Clan Wars

Clan Wars is arguably the most exciting part about Clash of Clans, and participating in them can reward you with more Elixir than you think.

War Bonuses

You will be rewarded with War Bonuses when you contribute stars by successfully attacking enemy bases in a Clan War. You will get the maximum bonus if you win the war and will only get a percentage if you lose or draw.

War Bonuses 2X

You can get higher War bonuses the higher your clan level is. Try looking for a clan that is higher than Level 9! If you are the owner of the clan, make sure you level up your Clan quickly to Level 9.

To give some context, the maximum War bonus from a Town Hall 10 base is 787,500 Elixir. Multiply that by two attacks, and you get 1,575,000 Elixir if you win the war.

Clan War League Medals

Clan War Leagues can also help you farm Elixir at a rapid pace. Not only will you get War bonuses from successful attacks, but you will also be rewarded with Clan War League Medals regardless of your placing in the League. However, you will get more Medals the higher your clan places.

These League Medals can be traded directly for Elixir, but you’re looking for Magic Items. The Magic Item you want to get is the Rune of Elixir, which, when used, will fill your Elixir Storages to the brim.

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