How To Copy A Base In Clash Of Clans? [All 3 Methods]

You can now copy your clan mate’s bases and copy your own layouts to transfer them. However, Supercell made another quality-of-life method for copying bases.

Updated on Oct 21, 2023
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How To Copy A Base In Clash Of Clans? [All 3 Methods]

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How to Copy Your Own Layout

The first way is the method everyone knows about: copying your own base layouts. Copying your base can be helpful if you are transferring the base from your Home Village to your War Base or vice versa.

You can also copy your layout if you want to make a second version with slight modifications. To copy your own base layout, follow the instructions below:

Layout Editor Tool

  1. Click on the Layout Editor button on the bottom right of your screen, above the Settings menu

  2. Out of all your bases, select the one you want to copy by clicking it

  3. Next, click on Copy Layout

  4. If you want to transfer the selected base to your War Base, simply click on the War Base menu and click on which base you want to override

Select Which Village, Then Copy Layout

Pasting The Layout

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How to Copy Your Clan Mate’s Layout

Are you in an elite clan with tryhard Clash of Clans players? Well, you can immediately reap some benefits by copying some of their well-structured bases that have the best defense structure placements!

Another way to copy a base is through copying someone from your Clan. Of course, this person you’re copying from should be the same Town Hall level as you are.

To copy a clan mate’s base, follow this process:

  1. Open your Clan menu and select the player you want to copy from

  2. Then, click on Visit to check out their base

  3. On the top right corner, a big button saying Copy Layout will appear

  4. Click on the Copy Layout button

  5. Select which base slot you want to override

Copy Layout Button

Pasting The Base

And there you go! Supercell added this really cool feature, making sure you don’t have to manually re-build the base.

Unfortunately, you cannot copy bases from players you've added to your Friends List for some reason, which doesn’t make too much sense. Hopefully, Supercell can add this feature soon!

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How to Copy Using Copy Links

The final method of copying bases is arguably the most helpful one, as you can copy bases through “Copy Links”. Instead of looking to copy bases directly in the game like the other two methods, this method can help you copy bases online through one click!

To make use of Copy Links, here is what you can do:

  1. When searching for the best bases on YouTube and Google, make sure to add the keywords “With Copy Links” at the end of your search

  2. Once you’ve found a base you like, look around for the Copy Links, which are usually provided in the description of the YouTube video

  3. Then, click on the link for the base you selected

  4. If you have Clash of Clans installed on the device, the game will immediately launch after you press the link. This means you can also use this method if you're playing Clash of Clans on Windows

  5. Then, the last step is to choose which base you want to override

Search Key Word

Copy Links In Description

URL Copied