How To Restart Clash Of Clans Account [Easy Method]

Did you make some poor decisions with your gems, or do you just want a fresh start? Here’s how you can reset Clash of Clans bases easily!

Updated on Oct 03, 2023
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How To Restart Clash Of Clans Account [Easy Method]

Thanks to the introduction of the Supercell ID, players no longer need a Google Play account, or a Game Center account to restart and create a new Clash of Clans base.

How To Restart Clash of Clans Through Supercell Account

The first method to restart your Clash of Clans base is through a Supercell account. Since you’re using a Supercell account, this method will ignore whether you are using iOS or Android, so there is nothing to worry about here.

Creating A New Base

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create a fresh Clash of Clans base with a new Supercell account:

Supercell ID

  1. Open the Settings tab. You can find this on the bottom right of your screen.

  2. You’ll see a Supercell ID menu on the top of the Settings tab.

  3. Most likely, your Supercell account status should be “Connected”, You’re going to click that button.

  4. Once you click the “Connected” button, a new menu will appear where your account profiles will be visible.

  5. Click the “Log Out” button. This will log you out from Clash of Clans. Don't worry, you can always log back in easily.

  6. Re-launch the game. Now, the game will ask you if you want to “Log In With Supercell ID” or “Play Without Supercell ID”. You will choose to play without one.

  7. A new village will be loaded up, and you can start from scratch with 500 free Clash of Clans gems gifted to you.

Log Out

Play Without Supercell ID

Once you have finished the tutorial, you can link your new account to another Supercell ID. All you need to do to is to create a new Supercell ID. You can create a new ID using a different email account, which you can make one for free. This method will also work if you’re playing Clash of Clans on Windows!

Linking Your New Base To A Supercell ID

To link your new game account to another Supercell ID, we’re going to follow the procedures again:

  1. Open the Settings tab.

  2. Hover toward the Supercell ID menu, then select Register a Supercell ID.

  3. Then, follow the straightforward on-screen instructions.

Now, you can switch Clash of Clans accounts from your old one to your new one through the Supercell ID menu. You can do this by clicking the Switch Account button, where a menu like this will pop out.

Switch Account Menu

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