See The Best Town Hall 4 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

Getting your Barracks and Clan Castle maxed out is the first thing to do after upgrading to Town Hall 4, but what should you do after?

Updated on Dec 06, 2023
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See The Best Town Hall 4 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

At Town Hall 4, you will be given these buildings:

  • Archer Tower (x1)

  • Air Defense (x1)

  • Spring Trap (x2)

  • Gold Mine (x1)

  • Elixir Collector (x1)

  • Barracks (x1)

  • Wall (x25)

The first course of action is to get all these new buildings laid out. You don’t need to upgrade them immediately; just make sure they’re built already.

Top Priority Upgrades

After you’ve placed all your new buildings, I highly recommend working on the following upgrades as soon as possible:

  • Barracks - First, you should upgrade your Barracks to Level 6. By reaching this level, you unlock the Balloon, the most substantial troop at low Town Hall levels. You will find many underdeveloped bases with weak Air Defenses and Archer Towers, and the Balloon is the perfect troop to abuse that.

  • Clan Castle - The Clan Castle is always a top priority upgrade at any Town Hall level. You will get an extra five housing spaces, which is very beneficial if you have clan members donating troops.

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory must be a building that you upgrade ASAP. The Laboratory will allow you to upgrade your troops and make them stronger. But, most importantly, Laboratory research does not require a Builder, so you can get troop upgrades going immediately, which will ramp up your progress.

  • Army Camps - The Army Camp is another crucial upgrade to strengthen your army. With your Army Camps upgraded you can house more troops, strengthening your offensive capabilities.

  • Air Defense - As mentioned earlier, the Balloon is your best friend at this Town Hall level and your enemies’ best friend. Upgrading the Air Defense is crucial to strengthen your defense from air attacks, easily the best attack strategy at Town Hall 4.

Level 6 Barracks

Second Line Of Upgrades

Now that all the top priority upgrades are out of the way, you can focus on these buildings next to speed up your Town Hall 4 progress:

  • Resource Storages - Trust me, you’ll max out your Gold and Elixir Storages very quickly at Town Hall 4. Make sure to upgrade your Storages so you don’t unnecessarily leak out Gold and Elixir!

  • Archer Towers - With Balloons being the most popular troop at Town Hall 4, you will need a secondary defense other than your Air Defense that attacks air troops, which is the Archer Tower.

  • Mortar - Barch is a popular attack strategy at this Town Hall level, and the Mortar will do an excellent job of clearing out swarm troops. Make sure to place your Mortar in the center of the base!

  • Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors - You can never say no to free Gold and Elixir. Mines and Collectors are your source of pbuttive income. Do not underestimate how much pbuttive Gold and Elixir you get from Level 8 Mines and Collectors!

  • Cannons - Finally, you can work on your Cannons, the least relevant defensive building at Town Hall 4.

Gold Mine Level 8

After you’ve completed all these upgrades, the last thing to do is to work on your traps and walls.

From someone who has played Clash of Clans for over eight years, I highly recommend getting into the habit of maxing everything (including walls and traps) as early as possible before upgrading to the next Town Hall. Still, it is less punishable at a low Town Hall level like Level 4.

Troop Upgrade Order

Finally, let’s discuss the order you should follow when upgrading your troops. Remember that you must complete your Laboratory upgrade to continue upgrading troops!

  • Balloons - The most OP troop at low Town Hall levels. Using the Mbutt Balloons is the easiest way to three-star a Town Hall 4 base and doesn’t require you to practice your attacks.

  • Giants - Giants are very versatile. You can pair them with Balloons or have them in a ground attack involving Archers and Barbarians.

  • Archers - Archers work well with Balloons and Giants and serve as “clean-up” troops. You want to have at least ten Archers, no matter your army composition.

  • Wallbreakers - Wallbreakers are only helpful for ground attacks, which are less prevalent at Town Hall 4. So you can prioritize the Wallbreaker upgrade later.

  • Barbarians - The fifth upgrade priority goes to the Barbarian, who’s only valid for the Barch attack strategy. Since it has only one purpose, we’ll put him on the upgrade list later.

Balloons At Town Hall 4

These are the five most essential troops to abuse the best attack strategies at Town Hall 4. Once all of them are completed, you can finish your Goblins upgrade last.

And there you have it! If you’ve maxed out Town Hall 4 following this guide, check out our Town Hall 5 upgrade order list for your next journey.

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