See The Best Town Hall 5 Upgrade Order in Clash of Clans!

Building your Spell Factory and upgrading your Laboratory is the first thing you should do after reaching Town Hall 5, but what buildings are next?

Updated on Dec 06, 2023
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See The Best Town Hall 5 Upgrade Order in Clash of Clans!

At Town Hall 5, you will be given these new buildings:

  • Cannon (x1)

  • Archer Tower (x1)

  • Wizard Tower (x1)

  • Gold Mine (x1)

  • Elixir Collector (x1)

  • Army Camp (x1)

  • Spell Factory (x1)

  • Walls (x25)

  • Bombs (x2)

  • Air Bomb (x2)

Top Priority Upgrades

These are the five building upgrades you should look to work on first. Getting these five done as soon as possible will put you on a good track to maxing Town Hall 5 quickly.

  • Spell Factory - The new building you unlock at Town Hall 5 is the Spell Factory! If you want to practice Clash of Clans attacks using spells, then this building is definitely the first one you want to build.

  • Laboratory - Like every Town Hall level, the Laboratory is an upgrade you want to get going as fast as possible. You’ll be able to upgrade your troops to higher levels, increasing your offensive capabilities.

  • New Army Camp - You’ll unlock the third Army Camp at TH5, which will increase your troop housing space significantly. Definitely a building you must build right after reaching Town Hall 5.

  • Wizard Tower - The Wizard Tower is the new defense you unlock, and is very effective against Balloons, a strong troop at this Town Hall level. Make sure to get the building fast.

  • Barracks - By upgrading your Barracks to Level 7, you will unlock the Wizard, a powerful backline troop that is a part of many effective attack strategies at Town Hall 5.

Spell Factory

Second Line Of Upgrades

After completing the top priority upgrades, we can move to the second line of upgrades, which include these buildings below.

  • Max Army Camps - Getting all three Army Camps maxed out will help you maximize your offensive capabilities, as it will allow you to house more troops. The Army Camp upgrade is a huge priority in every Town Hall level, including this one.

  • Air Defense - As mentioned earlier, the Balloon is a troop often abused at this Town Hall level. The Air Defense is crucial to defend your base against them, so it is the first defensive building you want to upgrade.

  • Gold And Elixir Storages - If you’re an active player raiding multiple times a day, your Gold and Elixir Storages will fill to the brim quickly. Make sure they are upgraded so you don’t leak any resources.

  • Max Wizard Tower - Following the Air Defense, the Wizard Tower is the second-best defensive building at Town Hall 5. So, you should get it to the max level quickly.

  • Archer Towers - Archer Towers are the last air-attacking defense at Town Hall 5. So, they will be the next priority when it comes to defensive buildings.

Max TH5 Base

Third Line Of Upgrades

Here are the buildings whose upgrades are lower in the priority list, but should still be completed before upgrading your Town Hall.

  • Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors - Never underestimate pbuttive income in Clash of Clans. Upgrading Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors won’t cost you that many resources, and their upgrade times are relatively short.

  • Mortars - Mortars have become less effective than they were at Town Hall 4 and 3, but we’ll work on them next, because why not. Most players in this Town Hall level still barely know how to attack properly, so Mortars can still be somewhat effective.

  • Cannons - Cannons are the last defensive building to work on, so we’ll just get it done before going to the next Town Hall level. Nothing too fancy here.

  • Traps - The importance of traps should not be underestimated, especially Air Bombs. Air Bombs can deal splash damage to Balloons, and your enemy attacker will not have Healing Spells yet at this Town Hall level. Don’t forget to upgrade them!

  • Walls - Finally, you can upgrade your walls quickly before going to Town Hall 6.

Elixir Collector Level 10

Troop And Spell Upgrade Order

Now, let’s talk about which troops to upgrade. You can use any order depending on which troops you like to use, but I’ll recommend the top five troops included in the best attack strategies at Town Hall 5.

  • Balloons - The most straightforward and effective troop to use at Town Hall 5. The Mbutt Balloons is an easy attack strategy that will give you three-stars if you practice the attack properly.

  • Giants - Giants can be combined with Balloons or Wizards to make a very effective army. Overall, Giants are super good at low Town Hall levels.

  • Wizards - Wizards are the new troop you unlock at Town Hall 5, and they work extremely well with Giants. The Giant Wizard attack strategy is prominent at Town Hall 5 if you prefer ground attacks over Balloons.

  • Lightning Spell - You will find yourself using the Lightning Spell in every army composition since it's your only spell, so it’s best to upgrade them soon.

  • Archers - Archers are a good backline and clean-up troop. You will likely have a few Archers up your arsenal in every attack strategy, so it’s a good idea to upgrade them.

After these five troops, you can look to upgrade the Wallbreaker and then follow up with your Barbarians and Goblins, which are low-priority troops at Town Hall 5.

And that’s pretty much it! If you have successfully maxed out Town Hall 5 with this guide, we can help you with an upgrade order list for Town Hall 6 too.

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