How to Easily Ride a Horse in Minecraft [Taming Guide]

Learning how to ride a horse in Minecraft can help you travel much faster. And the first step is getting a saddle to ride the Minecraft horse on!

Updated on May 02, 2024
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How to Easily Ride a Horse in Minecraft [Taming Guide]

Before you start to ride horses, there are some items you'll need to get first. And those are a saddle and some horse food.

A saddle can't be crafted in Minecraft. Instead, you'll have to find it in randomly generated chests in dungeons and Nether fortresses. It can also rarely be caught while fishing, or if you have a villager farm you can get a saddle by trading for it with emeralds from a Leatherworker.

Minecraft horses eat many various foods when it comes to horse food, and the most commonly used are wheat, apples, or sugar since they're the easiest to come by. If you want to go all in on your horse though, they also eat golden apples and golden carrots! 

Minecraft Items Needed to Ride Horse

Getting a saddle is the trickiest part here since you have to find it, and you can just grow some wheat to get some horse food since it's key to riding a horse. That's why next we'll see how you can ride a horse in Minecraft step-by-step! 

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How to Find and Locate a Horse in Minecraft

First thing first, you'll have to find yourself a horse. If you're willing to search for them in the world, horses spawn in groups of 2-6 horses in biomes like savannas and plains. 

But if you've come across a village, then there's no need to worry about going on a search. Villages usually have stables containing a horse that you can use to ride!

Minecraft Horse Spawn in Biome and Village

Once you've found your wonderful travel companion, they won't know you. So we'll just have to make the horse our friend and tame it!

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Tame the Horse Using Food like Wheat, Apples, or Sugar

If you right-click on your PC or press the use buttonon any other device with an empty hand, chances are the horse will kick you and won't allow you to ride it. So get some horse food in your hand and right-click the horse to feed and tame it. 

I'll be personally using around 32 wheat, but you can use apples or sugar if you have them already. Then with the food in hand, right-click or press the use buttonon the horse around 10 times to feed it 10 food. Then with an empty hand, right-click the horse again to try and ride it.

If it kicks you off, repeat the process with more food. But if hearts appear above its head, then you've got yourself a tamed horse! This is the process you can use to tame horses across your Minecraft world.

Minecraft How to Tame a Horse

Even though the tamed horse in Minecraft now likes you, it's still not ridable. But if you feed it golden apples or golden carrots alongside another horse you've tamed, then you'll breed horses and get a baby horse.

You can use a golden apple to breed and get more baby horses to ride in the future in case your first horse dies. When it comes to riding, that's where the saddle comes in!

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Apply the Saddle to the Horse and Ride It

Now that you've made the horse love you, all that's left is to apply the saddle. Simply get the saddle in your hand and right-click or press the use buttonon the horse to apply it. If you've got some shiny horse armor, you can equip it on the horse like this as well. 

Minecraft Apply Saddle to Horse

To get off the horse, just press the left Shift crouch buttonon a PC. But if you're on any other device like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox, press the right joystick to get off the horse since they don't have the same controls as a PC. And on Pocked Edition on a phone, press the middle button2 times. 

That's everything you need to know on how to ride a horse. Minecraft has given us many ways in later patches to ride and protect our horses with some horse armor. And the easiest one to come by is definitely the leather horse armor!

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