How To Make Sugar In Minecraft

Sugar is sweet for your health as well as your food. In today's article, we'll show you how to craft Sugar in Minecraft so you can make yourself a cake.
How To Make Sugar In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Sugar

Sugar is an item mainly used for making food and brewing potions in Minecraft. And to get Sugar, it’s fairly easy since Sugar is a renewable source. So as long as you have 1x Sugar Canes left, you can farm for Sugar forever.

  • 1x Sugar Cane OR 1x Honey Bottle

How to craft Sugar in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane can generate in most biomes in Minecraft, as long as the block is Dirt or Sand, and it must be adjacent to a water source block. You can break Sugar Cane with any tools or bare hand.

sugar cane

You can also trade Sugar Cane for 1x Emerald with Wandering Traders.

trading sugar cane

#2 Collect 1x Honey Bottle

If you find any beehives in the world, use a glass bottle on it to get 1x Honey Bottle. Make sure the honey level of the Bee Hive block is 5. If it’s lower than that, you must wait for the bees to work.


You can use 4x Glass Bottle and 1x Honey Block to craft 4x Honey Bottle.

crafting honey bottle

#3 Finish off crafting a Sugar

When you have 1x Sugar Cane, simply put them in a crafting grid (no Crafting Table required) to get 1x Sugar.

sugar cane to sugar

Put 1x Honey Bottle into the grid to get 3x Sugar.

honey bottle to sugar

Another way to get Sugar is to kill a Witch. They have a small chance to drop 0-2x Sugar on death, up to 5x Sugar with Looting III.


What is the give command to get Sugar?

The command to give yourself a Sugar is: /give @p sugar 1

Now you have Sugar, let’s brew some potions!

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