How To Make Emerald In Minecraft

Do you love Emerald - the rarest shiny green mineral in Minecraft? If so, in this article, We’ll show you how to craft Emerald or where you can mine it!
How To Make Emerald In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Emerald

Emerald is the rarest mineral in Minecraft, just before Netherite. They only spawn one ore per vein and you can only find them in the Mountain biome. Although it’s rare, the only main usage of Emerald is to trade with Villagers.

  • 1x Emerald Ore OR 1x Block of Emerald

How to craft Emerald in Minecraft

#1 Get Emerald by trading with Villagers

This is by far the most efficient and easiest way to get Emerald with a large quantity. The only concern is you need to find a Village, breed them, and make a whole trading system. When you’re done, you can basically trade anything for Emerald! From sticks, glass, iron, gold, crops, and even more!

villager trading

#2 Collect 1x Emerald Ore

Emerald can only be found in the Mountain biome and the higher you go, the higher chance you can find Emerald Ores. Remember to use at least an Iron Pickaxe in order to mine Emerald Ore.

emerald ore on mountain

Without Silk Touch enchantment, Emerald Ore will drop 1x Emerald.

mining emerald

With Silk Touch, you will receive 1x Emerald Ore.

emerald ore

#3 Finish off crafting an Emerald

If you have Emerald Ore in your inventory, simply place it down, and break it with your non Silk Touch pickaxe.

You can also put Emerald Ore in the Furnace to smell it to get 1x Emerald.

smelting emerald ore

If you have Block of Emerald, just put it in the crafting grid to get 9x Emeralds.

crafting emerald

Another way you can get Emerald straightaway is by looting chests in generated structures like Buried treasure, Desert temple, End city, Igloo, Jungle temple, Shipwreck, and Village. They normally give 1-8x Emerald.

emerald in chest

What is the give command to get an Emerald?

The command to give yourself an Emerald is: /give @p emerald 1

With Emerald, you can trade for more materials with Villagers, or make a full-size Beacon with only Block of Emerald.

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