How To Make Armor Stand In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to create an armor rack where you can hang your stuff on? In this article, we will show you how to craft an Armor Stand in Minecraft!
How To Make Armor Stand In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Armor Stand

Armor stand is a Minecraft entity used to hold and display your armor, mob heads, elytra, and carved pumpkins. Despite the cool looking, the main purpose of the Armor Stand is for decoration. Crafting Armor Stand is fairly easy.

  • 6x Stick
  • 1x Smooth Stone Slab

How to craft Armor Stand in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Smooth Stone Slab

Smooth Stone Slab can be crafted by using 3x Smooth Stone placed in one line on the crafting table.

craft smooth stone

You can get 1x Smooth Stone by smelting 1x Stone in a furnace. And you can get Stone by mining Stone in the overworld with a Silk Touch pickaxe. Or you can smelt Cobblestone in a furnace to get 1x Stone.

smelt stone to smooth stone

You can also use Stonecutting to cut 1x Smooth Stone into 2x Smooth Stone Slab.


Another way to get Smooth Stone Slab is to look for Strongholds.

#2 Collect 6x Stick

Stick is the early game item that can be crafted by using 2x Planks of any type of wood. Every 2x Planks yield 4x Stick.

planks to stick

You can also use 2x Bamboo to craft 1x Stick.

bamboo to stick

Stick can also be found by fishing, killing witches, looting chests, or breaking leaves and dead bushes.

#3 Finish off crafting an Armor Stand

When you have 6x Stick and 1x Smooth Stone Slab, right-click the crafting table and place the Smooth Stone Slab in the bottom middle slot, then place 2x Stick to the side and 1x Stick on top of it. Finally, place 3x Stick in one line at the top row.

craft armor stand

What is the give command to get an Armor Stand?

The command to give yourself an Armor Stand is: /give @p armor_stand 1

Now you have an Armor Stand, let’s put it down and decorate your house with shiny armor.