How To Make Redstone Torch In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft a Redstone torch used as a power source in Minecraft.

Updated on Nov 10, 2023
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How To Make Redstone Torch In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft a Redstone Torch in Minecraft

A Redstone Torch is a toggleable Redstone power source in Minecraft and can also be used as a signal inverter. Redstone torches are used widely in many Redstone contraptions, especially when sending signals vertically. They are also used as a toggleable light source.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft a Redstone torch:

How to craft a Redstone Torch in Minecraft

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Acquiring Redstone Dust


Redstone is available in abundance in the underground of the overworld in Minecraft. Simply mining these ores will give you Redstone dust.

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Crafting Sticks



Sticks are used widely in Minecraft; many recipes, especially tool recipes, need sticks. To get sticks, you can simply punch some leaves or dead buses. You can also craft them using planks.

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Crafting Redstone Torch


Once you’ve successfully gathered all the necessary items for a Redstone lamp, toss them up on the crafting table by the recipe shown above, and you'll have crafted your very own Redstone Torch!

This torch can be further used to craft activator rails, Redstone comparators, and Redstone repeaters.

What is the give command to get a Redstone Torch in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself a Redstone Torch: /give @p redstone_torch 1

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