How To Make Fermented Spider Eye In Minecraft

Do you find that Spider Eyes are useless? Don't throw them away yet! In this article, We will show you how to craft a Fermented Spider Eye that has many usages.
How To Make Fermented Spider Eye In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented Spider Eye is one of the most underrated items in Minecraft because the recipe is complicated but the usage is only for potions. But it is still useful if your main playstyle involves brewing potions.

  • 1x Spider Eye
  • 1x Sugar
  • 1x Brown Mushroom

How to craft Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Spider Eye

The first thing you need to do is find a spider and beat it with your sword. Spiders will drop 1x spider eye on death (up to 4x if you have Looting III). You can have your wolf fight for you and the spider still drops its eyes. Remember to finish off the spider because it will not drop any spider eye on environmental death.

spider eye

You can also find Spider Eye in Desert Temples, which is a Minecraft structure generated randomly around the world. They contain 4x chests and each chest has 28.7% of having 1-3x Spider Eyes.

#2 Craft 1x Sugar

To craft sugar, you must gather Sugar Canes - which is a Minecraft green plant that grows occasionally along the river. You only need to gather 1x piece of it and put it in the crafting grid.

sugar canes
craft sugar

You can also get Sugar by killing Witch. They will drop 0-2x Sugar and up to 5x with Looting III. Another way is by placing the Honey Bottle in the crafting grid to get 3x Sugars.

minecraft witch
honey bottle to sugar

#3 Collect 1x Brown Mushroom

Brown Mushrooms usually grow naturally in Swamp or Dark Forest Biome. You can also find them in dark caves underground, but the chance is rare compared to the 2 biomes above.

#4 Finish off crafting a Fermented Spider Eye

When you have all the ingredients, just put them all together on a crafting table. You can just put them in any order you want, no need to follow exactly the recipe like below.

fermented spider eye

What is the give command to get a Fermented Spider Eye?

The command to give yourself a Fermented Spider Eye is: /give @p ermented_spider_eye 1

Now you have the Fermented Spider Eye, it’s time to brew some potions!

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