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How To Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft [Complete Guide]

We have the complete guide on how to make a quick, easy and efficient bubble elevator in Minecraft!

Published on Dec 05, 2022
How To Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft [Complete Guide]

Bubble elevators are a great fun way to create an elevator shaft in Minecraft. Not only is it fun to float through the water blocks it is also super easy to receive the items that are needed to create the amazing bubble elevator in Minecraft. Below we have put together everything you need in order to create your own bubble elevator in Minecraft. Let's take a look!

Items You Need for a Bubble Elevator

Before we get started on crafting your beautifully decorated bubble elevator, there are some much-needed items that need to be in your inventory in order to get started. Unlike the slime block elevators, the bubble elevator has pretty simple ingredients. Here is our general list of items:

Once you have acquired these needed items, let's take a look at the next steps. You also may prefer to have multiple water buckets depending on how fast you would like the process to take

How to Make a Bubble Elevator

Whether you are building it for a survival house or even to access a woodland mansion, below is every step you should take to easily build a bubble elevator. 

  1. Take the Soul Sand Block and place it. Dig one grass block from the surface and place the soul sand where you will eventually place the water. Bubble Elevator Minecraft
  2. Place the glass blocks. Like a donut, keep one block in the center and place glass blocks around the center block (one glass for each side of the center block). Bubble Elevator Minecraft
  3. Pour Water from the top. Once completing the height of the glass tower until the point you can exit, pour the water from the water bucket into the center block we mentioned earlier. This will create a water column inside the glass tower.Bubble Elevator Minecraft
  4. Create a door. Depending on where you need to exit, remove two glass blocks from where you need to enter or exit. Bubble Elevator Minecraft
  5. Place two signs. (Optional), if you would like to let other crafters know where the elevator goes, place a sign near or on the elevator to help guide them in the right direction!

If you would like to create a water elevator that goes down instead of up, you simply have to replace the soul sand with magma blocks

Bubble Elevator Minecraft

The magma block is essential to replace the soul sand to switch directions of the water elevator. Although, you do not need to change the building blocks apart from the magma block and the soul sand. The building blocks for the rest of the elevator are the same from repeating steps 1-5. Bubble elevators are overall extremely easy and handy to use.

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