Best Survival House Ideas In Minecraft

Best technique to survive in Minecraft is by building a beautiful survival house. Here we have collected 7 best survival house ideas for your Minecraft world.
Best Survival House Ideas In Minecraft

If you are playing Minecraft in survival mode, you are not safe at night time. It is because mobs are always wandering in the overworld at night. So, how are you going to survive them? The first thing you always have to do is to build a survival house for yourself. Here we have concluded the 7 best survival house ideas in Minecraft.


Large Wooden Survival House

What about a large wooden survival house to spend your Minecraft nights in? Here RainbowGamerPE has built an excellent wooden house with an elegant design. The front side has four big windows to keep eyes on the surroundings, and the door is on the first floor to keep the mobs away.

For floors, he used cobblestone, which gives the house a stone age look. The house is surrounded by hanging lanterns and torches to repel the mob from the house. Two balconies provide you with a place to relax.


Stater Survival House

If you are still confused about how to survive the night, here is a simple but best Minecraft survival house design by Heyimrobby. The whole house building is constructed with wooden planks of oak wood. The building is a two-floor building with windows all around. .

The first floor has a library attached to the living room. Here you can hang paintings and place your bed. To get light at night, there are hanging lanterns with fences and chains. The ground floor consists of a farm to supply food whenever you want in your survival days.


Modern Minecraft Survival House

Why not make a modern Minecraft house for your survival? This amazing Minecraft survival house idea is also from Heyimrobby. You can see all the blocks of wood in this house. The infrastructure is made of wooden logs. The floor is made of wooden planks, and balconies have wooden fences.

Both oak and spruce wood is used in this modern house. Outside the house, there is a leave block fence with trapdoors. To give this beautiful house more beauty, he added two potted plants near the entrance. 


Minecraft Ultimate Survival Base

One of the most sophisticated and best Minecraft house ideas by Folli. The main aim of this house is to give the player a complete base for resource gathering and mob killing. There are two floors in this house. The first floor contains a small porch, storage, and a bedroom.

The second floor consists of an enchantment room and a balcony. There is a library too on the second floor. The base of the house is made with cobblestones, and the upper portion is completely covered with wood. The third floor only has a spacious balcony to relax.


Underground House

Spudetti has built a very unique and different house in Minecraft. This is an amazing underground base that is about two floors deep. The base includes each and everything a person needs to survive. It has in-base farms and storage areas with a wall of chests.

She didn’t use any solid material to cover the roof. Instead, she used glass. That gives an elegant look to your build from the top. You can make it in both creative mode or survival mods. The entrance of this underground house is a bit separate from the main structure, which keeps the mobs away.


Survival Japanese House

This one is also the best survival house ideas in Minecraft created by Haddow. If you are looking for something different from the common Minecraft house designs, then this traditional Japanese architectural masterpiece is for you. These traditional curved thatched roofs look absolutely fantastic.

The bamboo shade walls, wooden floor, and covered lanterns make it a perfect blend of rustic and modern houses. There is a fish pond in front of the house with lily flowers and underwater kelp.


Cozy Survival Cottage With Greenhouse

The most elegant design of the entire Minecraft houses by Jolee. This Minecraft house idea is inspired by nature and is covered with natural grasses and vines. The whole survival home is surrounded by wood and lanterns.

There is a greenhouse for your plants and farm crops. This greenhouse is completely covered with glass panels to capture the sunlight. The ground floor has a living room and a beautiful library. On the first floor, there is a cozy sitting area for you. The top roof is constructed with stone bricks and wooden planks.

These are the best Minecraft survival house ideas that you can follow in your survival world. These ideas contain simple house ideas to modern Minecraft houses. Craft your Minecraft world however you want.

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