How To Get Vines in Minecraft

Searching for vines in Minecraft? Here are the best places where you can find the vines quickly.
How To Get Vines in Minecraft

Looking for vines in the overworld? To find vines in the Minecraft world, start by looking in areas with a lot of trees. Vines will often grow on the side of trees, as well as on other blocks in the area.  Vines can be used as a decoration, creating ladders and scaffolding. Here we are going to include all the biomes in Minecraft where you can find the vines easily.

How To Get Vines & Where You Can Find Them in Minecraft?

Vines can only be gotten from biomes containing plants and trees. You can’t find them in the ice or desert biome. It is also possible to collect vines with your hands, but you can also use a shear or Silk Touch enchanted axe for this purpose. Here are some biomes and places where you can easily find vines.

How To Get Jungle Biome Vines

The jungle biomes are the best places to find the Vines. These are called normal vines. These vines are green and curly in look. Mostly these vines are hanging from the jungle trees covering the whole jungle tree area as these vines spread. 

The best thing about them is that they allow you to use them as a ladder to climb the tree. As a result of this ability, they make amazing decorations for a tree house.

To get the jungle vines, just go near the vine and when you the block outline, press the left click. Here you have your vine, add it to your inventory before it disappears. 

These vines have their growing patterns. It has a 15% chance of growing in any four directions if it is on a solid block like grass, leaves, or stone. However, if the vine is in the air, there is a 60% chance that vines grow will grow downward.

Jungle Biome Vines

How To Get Swamp Biome Vines

These vines are found in the swamp biome which is mostly surrounded by water and has several water ponds with lily flowers and lily pads floating in them. 

So the easy way to get vines from them is to follow the same rule. Get closer to the vine block and press left click until all the vine blocks fell to the ground. Collect them into your inventory. 

These vines are light green as all other plants of this biome. These vine blocks have a 0.02 hardness level. These vines grow above or at the light level of 9. You can also use these vines as a ladder to climb. 

Swamp Biome Vines

How To Get Lush Cave Vines

In lush caves, you can find these glow barry vines. These cave vine are the best decorative vines in Minecraft. They produce the luminance of 13 levels. You can only get these vines using silk touch on your tools. This will allow you to get the whole vine block. 

Unfortunately, these vines don’t have the abilities like the jungle vines. You can’t climb or use them as a ladder. These vines are only used as a decoration pieces in your cave house.

Lush Cave Vines

How To Get Twisting Vines

Twisted vines are found only in the Wrapped forest in the Nether world. You have to build a portal to go there and locate the wrapped forest. To get the twisting vines, you just have to hit them with anything. It will fall to the ground, so you can pick it up and put it in your inventory.

Twisted vines are the best decorative block for your spooky theme-based house. They produce a little glow in the darkness so you may see them from a distance. 

Twisting Vines

How To Get Weeping Vines

Weeping vines are also found in the Nether world. You will need to find out about the Crimson forest with the crimson jungle trees. It is a dark red forest with red trees and glowstones

You will find these red wines with little glowy textures hanging from the trees. To collect them, just left-click the vine block. You don’t need any tool to collect these vines. 

Weeping Vines

How To Get Pillager Outposts

Pillager outposts are also a quick place to find the vines. These vines are stuck on the cobblestone on the outpost walls. You can collect them with just a single click. These vines are normal vines that can be found in the jungle biome. 

As they are less in number, you can grow them using the bone meal. Pillagers are also present in the woodland mansions, so you can also find these vines in the woodland mansions.

Pillager Outposts

How To Get Vines Through Vine Farm

Vine farming is one of the best and most convenient way to get more vines in Minecraft in a short period. You just need to collect some vines initially following any above-mentioned methods. Here’s how you can build a Vine farm

Step 1: To make a vine farm, you have to build a roofless room using any stone block. First make a 10 x 10 room with minimum 5 block hight.

Step 2: Now place a chest on any corner where all vines are going to be collected. Make a passage under any wall of 3 x 2 dimensions. 

Step 3: Now place a chest outside the room in that hole and cover the extra area with glass panel.

Step 4: Get few buckets of water and fill the room with the water and make the water flow towards the chest. 

Step 5: Now build some pillars above the roof distance using any solid block. Place the collected vines and let them grow. 

The new vines spawn automatically on the adjacent blocks you have to place just one vine. As they grow longer, trim from the below and let them fall. These Minecraft vines will be collected in the chest automatically. 

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