15 Best Minecraft Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for the best Minecraft decorations that’ll make the interior of your home look much better, you should take a look at this article.
15 Best Minecraft Decoration Ideas

You are not the only one if you think your Minecraft base or house looks empty. It can be difficult to come up with ideas with which you can decorate your home, but this article will show you the ten best Minecraft decoration ideas.

You can implement them almost anywhere you want. They are flexible designs that also will make your interior look much better. This Minecraft decoration ideas list can bring life to every building you have in your world, without having any building skills.


Painting Frame

This decoration is fairly simple, and it can fit with any style of building. It's a frame for a painting that can be made out of any type of fence and slabs.

It all depends on what you prefer. The size of this decoration idea can be easily manipulated, so it stores even bigger paintings. You can put iron bars instead of the wooden fence if you like it better that way.

It's an interesting small detail that will make your walls feel less bold. However, it requires a lot of room to be left out to look good enough.


Study Area

If you are a fan of bookshelves, then this decoration will be perfect for your Minecraft living room.

It's meant to represent a study area, where you have a small table connected to multiple bookshelves. There are a lot of details here, like the usage of item frames, signs, and lanterns.

Slabs cover the top of the bookshelves - in the middle, there's a lectern from which you can read whatever you want.

This also may require more space than usual, but it's a nice addition that'll make your home feel cozier.


Storage Shelf

This decoration is similar to the study area, as they both use bookshelves and look similar in size, but this design is much more useful than the previous one.

It's a shelf covered in spruce trap doors that stores three barrels for storage, a crafting table, an armor stand, and a lectern.

The crafting table has a flower on top, while a lantern is above the lectern. So there's enough space for you to implement anything you'd want.

It's much more useful and valuable. It's a perfect small storage section you can have right at the entrance of your home.


Modern Lamps

This decoration idea covers three perfect lamp designs if you don't know how to properly lighten your home.

The designs contain end rods which you can only find in the end after beating the Ender Dragon. Unfortunately, you can only get these lamps at the end of the game.

The first design uses Wither Skeleton skulls, which are also hard to find, while the other two require pots and turtle eggs which are far more accessible.

You can fill your home with plenty of these lamps because they are small, and the idea can be customized without a problem.


Elegant Crafting Table

If you don't like the idea of having one crafting table in the middle of your empty base, then this is one of the decoration ideas perfect for your Minecraft world.

Besides the regular crafting table, it features a lectern, a cartographer's table, a working desk, a lamp, and a chest for all your materials. The entire section is covered with spruce trap doors, so it looks much more compound. The only difficult part will be finding end rods for the lamp, but everything is easily accessible.

And the items that can stand on the table are made with item frames and wooden pressure plates, so it looks like a real table.


Classic TV

If you want a TV in your Minecraft living room, this is the design you should look at.

It's a TV surrounded by bookshelves with buttons on them, while the screen is made out of solely black wool. It's a simple and classic design you can incorporate anywhere you want. You can change the type of wood or add more stuff to it. It's fairly customizable as well.


Brick Fireplace

This next design is one of the simplest on this list, but this decoration idea will make your home look more cozy and friendly.

It's a simple brick fireplace that's made out of classic bricks. They are easily obtainable by smelting large amounts of clay.

The fire isn't real - rather, it uses a campfire that can't spread the fire on other wooden blocks, so this design is pretty safe. It's decorated with a lamp and a flower pot. But you can always add anything else that suits your style.


Fancy Dining Table

If you are looking for a simple design for a dining table that still looks stylish enough, then this is the perfect choice for your Minecraft world.

The table is made out of red wool and red carpet. The wool is in the center while the carpet is being held by the strings placed under it, so it looks like it's on a higher level than the wool. It's surrounded by fancy chairs made out of a combination of slabs and trap doors, along with blank banners to make them look fancy - it's a neat trick that'll impress other Minecraft players.

It will bring a significant amount of style to your Minecraft dining room.


Fancy Drawers

If you are looking for a simple, low-effort build to fill up the empty space, you have inside your living room. This decoration idea is perfect for you.

These fancy drawers are pretty simple to create, but they're also very unique.

They are made of wooden planks surrounded by trap doors, and what makes them so special are the handles made of a sign going over an anvil in an item frame. One drawer can be open, so the design looks even more realistic. You can also decorate it how you want, as the design is customizable.


Working Food Shelf

If you are looking for perfect kitchen decoration, then this working food shelf is something you should build in your Minecraft kitchen.

It's a shelf made out of 4 campfires where you can store 16 raw foods, and because the campfires are extinguished, your food will not get cooked.

They are surrounded by spruce trapdoors and doors, which protect the campfires. This little shelf can be accessed and made easily, as these materials are available during the early point in the game.


Luxurious Bed

This next Minecraft decoration is perfect if you're looking for a more stylish bed you can incorporate anywhere in your bedroom, no matter how big or small.

They are two simple yellow beds surrounded by wooden signs and trapdoors that act as a border.

Above it, there are barrels with banners the same color as the bed hanging from them, simulating an exotic curtain. This is one of the Minecraft decorations that’s simple enough, yet it looks really good. It's better to build this instead of a regular bed.


Cupboard Area

Take a look at this Minecraft decoration if you need help storing your food in the kitchen.

This cupboard area is a very simple build made out of easy-to-get blocks - it's best to be incorporated in a wooden or stone kitchen.

It's made of multiple functional blocks, such as a cauldron, smokers, and barrels. The cauldron has a tripwire hook above it, representing a sink. At the same time, the smokers are there for cooking food and barrels for storing stuff.

This whole thing is surrounded by spruce trap doors which act as borders. It's best to build the cupboard area right when you build your kitchen, as you'll have a perfect place to store all your food and remedies.



Check this aquarium build if you are having trouble decorating the living room - this is a perfect decoration with which you can decorate your walls.

It's a small aquarium made out of spruce wood blocks, but it can also be put on your living room or bedroom wall. Inside is water with corals, kelp, and a few pieces of cobblestone. Of course, you can always add a fish or two if you want, but you just have to catch it with a bucket first.

This is a small little neat build you can implement anywhere. It's a small decoration that'll make your walls not look too bland.


Portal Entrance

If you don't know how to fit an entire Nether portal into your house, this portal entrance decoration idea is for you.

This decoration idea is meant to cover up your Nether portal - it can be useful if you don't want it to stand out in your base.

It's a simple cover you can make out of any type of wood you like - the placement of the stairs adds depth to the building. You can put whatever you want on it too, like lanterns or flower pots - it's completely up to your preference. Overall, it's a nice and simple build to cover your portal.


Brewing Station

This brewing station decoration idea is the perfect one if you are the type of person who always brews potions in Minecraft.

This is a simple decoration that'll also be useful in the game. It's a simple brewing station made out of brewing stands, cauldrons, and barrels, and it's covered by wooden trap doors. Under the barrels, you can put nether wart to add to the ambiance, and the build is customizable, so you can add whatever you want.

The best part about it is that it'll also serve as storage for all of your potions and brewing materials, and you can grow nether warts as well, so you don't have to worry about running out of it.

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