How To Make Block Of Raw Iron In Minecraft

Block of raw iron is super useable in Minecraft. Here is an easy guide on how to craft a block of raw iron in super-simple steps.

Updated on Nov 15, 2023
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How To Make Block Of Raw Iron In Minecraft

Everything you need to make block of raw iron

To make a block of raw iron, just place 9x raw iron on 3x3 crafting table in a way that no box of crafting table left empty. This will get you a block of raw iron.

  • 9x raw iron
  • 1x crafting table

How to craft block of raw iron

#1 Open your crafting table

First of all, go near the crafting table and open it by right clicking on it. This will show you a 3x3 crafting grid on your screen.


Make sure you have 9x raw iron on your inventory before you open the crafting table. The easiest way to get raw iron is to look for iron ore and mine it with a pickaxe. We have crafted another guide on how to get raw iron in Minecraft that can help you in this matter.

#2 Place 9x raw iron on crafting table

Now, you have to fill all the 9 boxes of crafting table with the raw iron you just got. This will get you a block of raw iron on the right side of the crafting table.


#3 Move Block of raw iron into your inventory

Just drag it into your inventory box and drop it down. Now you can use it for further crafting or building your house.


The process will get you just 1 block, you can repeat the same process to get as many blocks as you want.

What is the give command to get a block of raw iron?

The give command to get yourself block of raw iron is “/give @p raw_iron_block 1”.
We hope you liked the guide. You can explore to know what other things you can make with raw iron.

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