How To Make White Terracotta In Minecraft

If you love the cartoony and clean theme when building, White Terracotta is your best choice! In this article, we'll show you how to craft White Terracotta!
How To Make White Terracotta In Minecraft

Everything you need to make White Terracotta

White Terracotta is one of the sixteen variations of the normal Terracotta block. With the slightly pink and white color, combined with the clean texture, White Terracotta is one of the best blocks to build with! And to craft White Terracotta is fairly simple.

  • 8x Terracotta
  • 1x White Dye

How to craft White Terracotta in Minecraft


Collect 8x Terracotta

Terracotta can be obtained by smelting Clay Block in the Furnace. Each Clay block yields 1x Terracotta.

clay to terracotta

To get Clay, you can either look for a Clay batch underwater in biomes like rivers, swamps, beaches, oceans, and lakes. And the best way to collect Clay in large quantities is to look for the Lush cave biome, they generate 46x more per chunk.

craft clay

You can also craft 1x Clay block using 4x Clayball.


Collect 1x White Dye

White Dye can be crafted by using Bone Meal or Lily of the Valey in the crafting grid. They yield 1x White Dye each.

bone meal to white dye
lily of the valley to white dye

Bonemeal can be crafted from Bone or Bone Block. Each Bone yields 3x Bone Meal, and each Bone Block yield 9x Bone Meal.

bone to bone meal

You can go fishing or trading with the wandering traders for a Bone meal. They sell 3x Bone Meal for 1x Emerald.

trade white dye

Alternatively, if you want to choose the peaceful but hard way, let’s collect Lily of the Valley. They only spawn in Flower Forest and other Forest biomes with a small chance.


Finish off crafting a White Terracotta

When you have 8x Terracotta and 1x White Dye, right-click the crafting table and put the White Dye in the middle, surround it with 8x Terracotta to craft 8x White Terracotta.

craft white terracotta

White Terracotta can also be generated naturally in the Badlands biome. They usually come with a large amount so finding this biome is a good option.

What is the give command to get a White Terracotta?

The command to give yourself a White Terracotta is: /give @p white_terracotta 1

Now you have White Terracotta, let’s build a wall with it and see the difference!

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