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How To Make Campfire In Minecraft

Want to feel the camping experience in Minecraft? We got you covered with Campfire! In this article, we will show you how to craft Campfire in Minecraft.

Updated on Sep 22, 2022
How To Make Campfire In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Campfire

Campfire is the new light source block that has been added in Minecraft 1.14 version. It’s often used for cooking food and lighting the outside place. Campfire also leaves a smoke trail above and they’re mainly used for decoration purposes.

  • 3x Stick
  • 1x Coal OR 1x Charcoal
  • 3x Log OR 3x Wood OR 3x Stripped Wood OR 3x Stripped Log

How to craft Campfire in Minecraft

#1 Collect 3x Stick

You can get 4x Stick by using 2x Planks of any wood type. Simply place them in one column in the crafting grid.

planks to stick

If you have 2x Bamboo, use the same crafting recipe above to get 1x Stick.

bamboo to stick

Stick can also be found by fishing, killing witches, looting chests in generated structures, or by breaking leaves and dead bushes.

#2 Collect 1x Coal/Charcoal

Coal is a popular fuel that can be easily found by mining Coal Ore. You get 1x when breaking the ore and up to 4x Coal if you have Fortune III pickaxes.

coal ores

Another way to get Coal is to look for looted chested-in generated structures. They usually contain 1-8x Coal.

coal in chest

The final way to get Coal is to kill Wither skeletons. They have a 33% chance to drop 1x Coal.

wither skeleton

You can get Charcoal by smelting any Wood/Log/Stripped Wood/Stripped Log in the Furnace.  

Each block yields 1x Charcoal.

smelt log to charcoal

#3 Collect 3x Log/Wood/Stripped Wood/Stripped Log

Logs can be found in the overworld by chopping trees. You can use an axe for maximum speed.


You can craft 3x Wood by using 4x Log in the crafting grid.

craft wood

To get Stripped Wood or Log, simply use an axe and right-click on the Log/Wood.

craft stripped wood/log

#4 Finish off crafting a Campfire

When you have all the items above, right-click the Crafting Table and place Coal (or Charcoal) in the middle. Then place 2x Stick to each side and 1x Stick on top of it. Finally, put 3x Log in a line at the bottom.


What is the give command to get a Campfire?

The command to give yourself a Campfire is: /give @p campfire 1

Now you have Campfire, let’s make a camping area!

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