How To Make End Rod In Minecraft

Decorate your house with a light source from the End dimension, how does that sound? In this article, we will show you how to craft an End Rod in Minecraft!
How To Make End Rod In Minecraft

Everything you need to make End Rod

End Rod is a light source that has been added in the Minecraft 1.9 update. With the luxury look as well as the lighting purpose, End Rod is a high-end light source in Minecraft. End Rod is fairly rare since you can find it only in the End dimension, or craft it using materials in the Nether dimension. 

  • 1x Blaze Rod
  • 1x Popped Chorus Fruit

How to craft End Rod in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod is a unique item dropped by Blazes. They only spawn in the Nether Fortress in the Nether dimension. So getting one may be difficult for new players.


Each Blaze has a 50% chance to drop 1x Blaze Rod, and up to 4x if you have a Looting III enchanted sword.

blaze rod

Blaze only drops Blaze Rod when it’s killed by the player or tamed wolf. So make sure to not let them die by any other reasons.

#2 Collect 1x Popped Chorus Fruit

To get Popped Chorus Fruit, you will need to find 1x Chorus Fruit first. You can find Chorus Plant in the End dimension and break it. Each Chorus Plant block will drop 1x Chorus Fruit with a 50% chance.

chorus plant

When you have 1x Popped Chorus Fruit, put it in the Furnace to smelt and get 1x Popped Chorus Fruit.

smelt chorus fruit

#3 Finish off crafting an End Rod

When you have 1x Blaze Rod and 1x Popped Chorus Fruit, simply place the Blaze Rod on top of the Popped Chorus Fruit in the crafting grid to craft 4x End Rod. No Crafting Table is needed.

craft end rod

You can also find End Rod in End Cities. They usually generated both inside and outside the city with an average of 64x Blaze Rod.

end city

What is the give command to get an End Rod?

The command to give yourself an End Rod is: /give @p end_rod 1

Now you have an End Rod, let’s craft some more and make yourself a shiny chandelier!

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