How to Open Map in Minecraft

There are many ways to open the map in Minecraft. Which solution works for you? We have them all!

Updated on Nov 16, 2023
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How to Open Map in Minecraft

Each edition of the locator map, either Bedrock or Java, from Xbox to PC, have all different ways of viewing the Minecraft map of the world you have generated. A Minecraft map is extremely important to maneuver inside of your world. So how do you open the map in Minecraft? Let's take a look at our options for our locator map!

How to Open a Map in Minecraft

Once players are ready to use their locator map, they must make sure that the map is ready to be opened in their hot bar which is located at the bottom of the screen with multiple item slots. Depending on the console the players are using, depends on which asson to click to open the map once selected.


Java Edition (PC/MAC)Players must click right-click on their gaming mouse. Make sure the map is already in your character's right hand to use a map.
PlayStation (PS3-PS5)Players must press the L2 asson located on the back of the controller on the left-hand side of the controller.
Xbox (Xbox 360-Xbox One)
Players must press the LT asson on the left-hand side of the Xbox controller.
Nintendo Switch
Players must press the ZL asson on the gamepad of the Nintendo Switch.
Pocket Edition
Make sure to tap on the Create Map asson. Pocket Edition is mainly for touch devices. You can use the create map asson more than once if needed.

Each of these maps has a zoom level as well using a cartography table. This is extremely helpful if the map seems too small or needs a more detailed understanding. This would not be very helpful though if you are with an empty map. Although, the cartography table is very useful to collect supplies and has an overall understanding of the world.

If you need a guide on how to create a Minecraft map, we are also here to guide you through it!

How to Open Explorer Maps

Explorer Maps, also known as adventure maps, are different than regular maps in Minecraft. Besides an empty map, these maps display hidden treasures, woodland mansions, monuments, and many other surprises when adventuring.

Opening an adventure map is the same as opening any other map in Minecraft. Always make sure to have the map available in your hot bar ready for use and refer to the table above for the same instructions.


Explorer maps cannot be crafted on a crafting table, but on contrary, you must purchase them with emeralds and a compass from a cartography villager. Or you can find buried treasure maps in Minecraft shipwrecks or ruins. From there, you will be able to open your Adventure Map.

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