How to Find treasures In Minecraft

Minecraft treasures contain valuable items including diamonds, shields and lapis. These treasures are buried or located in Minecraft ruins.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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How to Find treasures In Minecraft

If you love to explore Minecraft, then you know that there are many hidden treasures to be found. Whether it's an underground stronghold, wracked ship, or a secret room, finding these treasures can be a lot of fun. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to find treasure in Minecraft. I will also give you some tips on how to stay safe while exploring. So if you're ready, let's get started!

Where To Find The Treasure Map

The best places to find the buried treasure map are the dungeons, chests near spawners, chests in mineshafts, temples, and other related structures. This map is the very first need to start your adventure of finding the treasure.



Dungeons are another great place to look for the buried treasure map. These structures are found underground and contain a variety of loot, including the treasure map. Be careful when exploring dungeons, as they can be dangerous as these rooms also have mob spawners.



Mineshafts are another type of structure that you can find underground. These structures are made up of a series of interconnected tunnels and rooms. You can find the buried treasure map in the chest that is located in the mineshaft rails.

How To Find The Tresure Using Treasure Map

Buried treasure map is easy to read and locate the treasure. When you access this map, you will see a red cross on the map that is the indication of treasure while the white arrow is your location on the map. You have to find them and go to the red cross’s location.

Step 1: Read The Map

Reading the map is the first step in finding the treasure and determining how far you are from it. So, select the map from the inventory and look downwards to see the map.


The white arrow is your position and the arrow hear is your direction while the red cross is the treasure you want to dig. To find buried treasure just face towards the red cross and start walking.

Step 2: Dig out The Buried Treasure

Once you are on the spot, you need to dig out the treasure. To do this use a shovel as most of these treasures are located under the sand near shore. The radius of this treasure will be 5x5 blocks.


So treasure will always generate in the center of the chunk and you can make the chunk visible by pressing F3+G keys. These buried treasure consists of gold, iron, stone block, raw cod, water breathing potions, etc.

Best Places To Find The treasure

There are only a few places where you can find treasure. These places are also biome specific. You can only find them in their biome. Here is the list of places where you can find the treasure by yourself or using the buried treasure maps.

Ocean Ruins


Ocean ruins are a great place to look for the buried treasure maps. These structures are found in oceans and have a loot chest that contains valuable items and a treasure map. These ruins can be seen from the surface of the water because they are covered with sea lanterns and these sea lanterns glow in the sea.


Shipwrecks are also found in the sea underwater. These are hard to see from the surface of the water but there is one trick to finding them. If you are sailing on your boat and find a dolphin fish, follow it. It will take you straight to the shipwreck.


When you explore these, be sure to keep an eye out for the treasure map. These maps are found in the map chest which is located on the upper deck of the shipwreck. You will need the water breathing potion to survive there.

Ocean Monuments

Ocean monuments are large, underwater structures that are guarded by guardians. These structures are very difficult to find, but if you do find one, you will definitely find the treasure chest on the ocean floor.


These ocean monuments are made up of prismarine blocks and sea lanterns for the light. These huge structures often contain more than one treasure chest and treasure maps. They can be seen from the top in the nighttime due to the sea lanterns otherwise they are hard to find as they are often found on the underwater hill.


These buried treasure chests will contain a lot of loot including iron nuggets, gold, sea lanterns, sponges, and many other valuable items.

Dolphin Located

Minecraft dolphins located are structures that are often huge and made up of stone bricks and chiseled stone bricks. These structures can be located by following the dolphin in the ocean. These sea structures also contain treasure.


The best thing about the treasures is they are interconnected. You can also find buried treasure map for your next adventure in the buried treasure chest. These dolphin-located structures loot chests often contain food and shields 

Tips For Staying Safe While Exploring

Now that you know where to find treasure maps and chests, it's important to know how to stay safe while exploring. Here are some tips:

Bring Plenty of Food and Resources

When you're exploring, it's important to bring plenty of food and resources. Traveling in Minecraft needs a lot of food. Your heart health will decrease speedily. So fill your inventory with meat, coal, sticks, and some wood blocks as these are the vital items. 

Keep Weapon and Wear Shield

Always go with proper tools and weapons. As you may have to travel at night, so keep some tools like an iron sword, arrows, and bow. You will need these to break blocks and defend yourself from mobs. It's also a good idea to wear a shield, as this will help protect you from enemy attacks.

Keep Proper Tools

Always bring the proper tools with you when searching for the treasure. These tools include a crafting table, shovels,  pickaxes, and shovels. You will need these to dig up the buried treasures and break blocks.

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