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How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Woodland Mansions are full of amazing treasure. Here is how to find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft!
How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

<h2 id="Things You Need to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft_id=0">Things You Need to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

A Woodland Mansion is a fun and exciting piece of the Minecraft world that generates a rare location within the dark forests. Woodland Mansions are the only locations that contain the Totem of the Undying. To find a Woodland Mansion, you must have a few things to get started:

Once you have these objectives, you are ready to start your Woodland Mansion Journey!

Woodland Mansion

Steps to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Find a Village with Villagers

Villagers are essential to starting your Woodland Mansion Journey into the deep dark forest biomes. So how do we find a village? There are a couple of ways to do this. If you are willing to use cheats, just make sure to apply cheats and type in the text chat "/locate village". Otherwise, villages spawn in five different biome maps:

  • Plains Biome
  • Desert Biome
  • Tiger Biome
  • Savannah Biome
  • Snow Biome
Village in Minecraft

No maps help find their exact location, so you will have to go to one of these biomes to search for one. Set your Render Distance as "High" to be able to see farther distance, and try to avoid Tiger Biomes, as they are full of tall trees, making finding a village difficult. Once you find a village, there should be villagers living within them.

Find Cartographer Villager

A Cartographer Villager is usually spawned inside a village with a Cartography Table. If there are no villagers with a Cartographer title, find a villager with no added role to their title, and give them a cartography table. Doing this will make the Villager a Cartographer "Novice". Once you have traded enough times with this villager, its mastery will eventually reach "Journeyman"

Villager Map

Once the Cartographer reaches the "Journeyman" level, he will offer a trade for a Woodland Explorer Map. 

<h3 id="Use the explorer Map_id=4">Use the explorer Map

Once you have acquired the Woodland Explorer Map, Press the F3 key on your PC and look downwards to view the map information. This will show the coordinates of your location and the direction in which you are facing.

Woodland Mansion Map

Once you arrive closer to the location on the map, your marker on the map will become more visible and closer. So, if you are out of the area of the location, you will only see a white dot at the corner of the map.

How to Find Dark Forest Biome with Woodland Mansion

Dark Forest Biomes are simple to recognize once you are entering into them. They are typically full of Dark Oak and a very small amount of space on the map. Which is what makes them hard to find. A Dark Forest Biome can be located using the coordinates of the Woodland Mansion. Once you are closer to these coordinates, you will be surrounded by trees. 

Woodland Mansion

The best way of spotting Dark Forest Biomes is by expanding your "Render Distance" and standing in a tall area to overview the landscape. Once you find the Woodland Mansion, make sure you are prepared with Diamond Armor and some loot chests

You should find a large dining room, clean chest room, single bed bedroom, tree chopping room, secret rooms, and much more!

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