How to Make a Bubbly Hot Tub in Minecraft [3 Ideas]

If you've wanted to bathe in hot bubbly water in Minecraft, you can do it with a hot tub. That's why here we'll see how to make a hot tub in Minecraft!

Updated on May 07, 2024
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How to Make a Bubbly Hot Tub in Minecraft [3 Ideas]

How Do You Make Steamy Water in Minecraft?

Every hot tub requires steamy or bubbly water. Currently, the best way you can make the water look hot and steamy in Minecraft is by using campfires.

In the place where you want to make the hot tub, dig a hole, place the campfire, and add a trapdoor on top of the campfire by pressing Shift to crouch. Then when you add the water, the steam will look a little something like below:

Minecraft How to Make Steamy Water

Instead of trapdoors, another thing you can place above the campfires is Soul Sand. Not only will this make steamy water, but it'll create bubbly water as well! The only issue with Soul Sand and bubbly water is that it will rise you on top of the water constantly, which can be irritating.

If you're worried about campfires making fires, don't be scared as they can't burn down trapdoors or wood. By knowing how to make steamy water you can universally make any kind of hot tub in Minecraft, so underneath you can check out some great hot tub ideas!

How to Build a Hot Tub in Minecraft: Best Ideas

Easy Wooden Minecraft Hot Tub

You can first start off by creating a simple hot tub with wood logs, planks, and stairs. Here's how you can do this easy Minecraft hot tub:

  1. First, start off by making a 5x5 hole in the ground, and make the hole 2 blocks deep
  2. Down in the hole, place however many campfires you want, and add trapdoors above them.
  3. Once you're finished there, go on top and place wooden planks around the hole
  4. On the corners, you can add wooden logs and make them around 3 blocks high to serve as pillars
  5. Finally, fill up the hole with water

At the end of it, you can add some wooden stairs leading to the hot tub for a pathway. You can also add torches on the wood log pillars for beauty purposes!

Minecraft Hot Tub Idea Wooden Easy

Now of course this is the most basic hot tub you can do, but it's a good way to start it. Afterward, you can add enrich this Minecraft hot tub design with your own ideas. One such is catching tropical fish with a bucket from the seas and adding them into the jacuzzi's water! 

Modern Quartz Minecraft Hot Tub

Next up for a hot idea we have a more modern take where the main building block is Quartz stairs. You'll also want to get wood planks, white-stained glass, and of course the trapdoors and campfires for that Minecraft hot tub steam. This will be a smaller hot tub, so here's how you can build it:

  1. Start off by digging a 3x3 hole, and in the middle place your campfire and trapdoors above it
  2. Place a random block on the edge of the hole, and add an upside-down Quartz staircase facing outward
  3. Destroy the random block, and place upside-down Quartz staircases around the whole hole you dug up
  4. Add the trapdoors inside the hole
  5. Fill and place the water directly on the trapdoors by pressing Shift to crouch

To make the hot tub even more beautiful, you can add a staircase as an entrance point. Then you can cover the upside-down Quartz staircases with 1 row of white-stained glass, and add a wooden plank platform underneath the whole hot tub as seen below.

Minecraft Hot Tub Idea Modern Quartz

When filling the hot tub with water, make sure you place it on the trapdoors. Because if you place it on the staircases, it will overflow and the hot tub will get ruined.

Jungle Minecraft Hot Tub With Roof

And lastly, one of the most interesting Minecraft hot tub ideas is mainly built with Jungle wood logs, planks, stairs, and trapdoors! For decoration, you'll want to use lanterns, chains, and cocoa beans. Here's how you can make this jungle-themed hot tub in Minecraft:

  1. Start by digging a 3x3 hole, place Jungle planks around the hole, and add Jungle logs on the corners
  2. On all the Jungle logs at the corners, place fences rising 4 blocks upward
  3. Build a roof out of Jungle slabs or trapdoors on top of the fences above your hot tub
  4. Place upside-down Jungle stairs on the wood planks around the hole, except for the entry side
  5. Add Jungle trapdoors on the stairs and open them to create a sort-of enclosure around your jacuzzi
  6. In the middle of the sides, apply 1 chain on the roof and a lantern on the bottom of the chain
  7. Place a campfire in the middle of the hole, add trapdoors above it, and fill it with water

Minecraft Hot Tub Idea Jungle Wood Roof

Another way to enrich this jacuzzi is by adding carpet around the Jungle planks. And since the corners are made of Jungle logs, you can grow cocoa beans on them as well!

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