Best Ways To Transport Animals in Minecraft

Are you shifting your farm or trying to split the existing one by relocating animals? Don't worry, here are some best ways to transport animals in Minecraft.
Best Ways To Transport Animals in Minecraft

So, the game just began and you just can't hold on to your Minecraft world. A world without animals is nothing - and for that, we have to learn to lead animals into your farm or house. The following guide is an ultimate resource for people looking for the best ways to transport animals in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, there is no specific route to transport animals from point A to point B, but on the bright side, there are many hacks and tricks to do that. These methods work for different types of situations and on different animals. So, without further delay let's jump into the best way to transport animals.

Method 1: Transport Animals With Food 

This method works only for short distances transportation and for animals that are lured by food. If you are looking to move animals to 2000 blocks away, we have covered that in the next sections.

Transport Animals With Food

Animals can be moved with food by holding the particular food they eat. For instance, for cows and goats, you have to pick wheat in your hand. This will make them go crazy after food and will eventually follow you. 

Note: You have to use the respective food to attract specific animals, wheat won't work for all the animals. For chickens, you have to hold seeds and for dogs, the meat will do the job.

It's for short-distance travel within a few blocks. 

Method 2: Transport Animals With Lead

Lead is another tool that can be used to move animals in Minecraft for short to mid-level distances. The lead works best for cattle animals like goats, sheep, and cows and some wild animals as well like cats or dogs.

Transport Animals With Lead

To transport animals with lead, hook them with it and head towards your destination. Make sure the animal you are transporting is with you after some time - as moving too fast can sometimes break the lead and let the animal wander far from you.

The downside of using a hook is that you can only transport one animal at a time and not all animals can be transported.

Method 3: Transport Animals With Boat

This one is so far the best and easy way to transport animals and it does support long-distance transportation in Minecraft.

The Idea is pretty much simple and covers almost all the animals including villagers as well. First, you build a boat and you push the mob into the boat that makes the mob into the boat. Now you can pull the boat towards the destination by hooking it with a lead.

Transport Animals With Boat

If it's long-distance moving, you can find the water bodies and let that boat into them and sail straight towards your destination. Otherwise, strengthen your muscles.

On the dark side of the crazy method, you can only move 1 mob at a time. So, no bulk moment and this lets us jump to the next method.

Method 4: Transport Animals With Rail System

This method is all-time great as it is fast, supports bulk moments, and transports every animal for long distances.

Transport Animals With Rail System

To put it simply, just make a rail from point A to point B and get the mobs into a cart and send them to the destination. The method is easy, time-saving, and works on all types of animals.

To make this work, just put a solid block first and a lever over it. Now, put a power rail next to it that is followed by a couple of rails. In addition to the rails, be sure to add power rails between them to help the cart move forward. Generally, one power rail should be placed after every 20 to 25 rails.

Besides this, use power rails, if the track is getting a turn or moving straight upward where it requires extra force against gravity.

Method 5: Transport Animals With Nether

This method is another example of how creative Minecraft is. A user over the internet shared the tips on relocating animals and went viral for its novelty.

Here, you have to build two portals. One is where you get the animals, and the other one is your destiny.

Transport Animals With Nether

Tame one animal and push it into the nether and start moving with a hooked lead on it. Walk until you reach the other end of the portal.

Build a farm there and keep your animals on it. Repeat the process again and again until you finish.

This method will work for animals not the other mods like villagers. Moreover, the approach is pretty slow and boring.

Finally, We turned the internet upside down and designed a shareable resource for you on the best way to transport animals. Read above and share it with your friends who are taking extra time relocating their farm.