How To Make Black Shulker Box In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft a Black Shulker Box in Minecraft, used to transport and store items.
How To Make Black Shulker Box In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft a Black Shulker Box in Minecraft

Shulker boxes in Minecraft are some of the most valuable blocks. The player in Minecraft has limited inventory; shulker boxes help the player out by literally increasing his/her inventory. The more shulker boxes you have, the more items you’ll be able to carry with you. When some things are placed in a shulker box, and the box is mined, unlike a chest that will cause the items to drop, a shulker box keeps the items intact. So when you place the shulker box on the ground once again. The items can be retrieved.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft a Black Shulker box:

How to craft a Black Shulker Box in Minecraft

#1 Crafting Shulker Box

To craft a shulker box, you’ll first need a chest made up of wooden planks and 2 shulker shells obtained by slaying shulker mobs in the end dimensions. These mobs are often found stuck to end cities and end ships. Be careful around them. They shoot projectiles that cause you to float.

#2 Acquiring black dye

Minecraft has many dyes, one of which is the Black dye. The black dye is used to dye various items in Minecraft with the color black. The black-colored dye can be crafted using an ink sac, an item dropped by squids that are often seen in rivers and oceans. The black dye can also be crafted by using a wither rose, a type of flower which appears when the wither’s projectile kills a mob!

#3 Crafting Black Shulker Box

After you successfully acquire all the items given above, simply put all the items on the crafting table according to the tecip[e given above, and you’ll have crafted a black shulker box in Minecraft.

Shulker boxes are a great way of organizing your storage in Minecraft. You can use colored shulker boxes for different items/blocks in the games.

Shulker boxes can also be placed in the ender chest, so you’d be able to carry an entire storage room with you.

What is the give command to get a Black Shulker Box in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself a black shulker box:  /give @p black_shulker_box 1

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