How To Make Soul Campfire In Minecraft

If you love the dark and horror theme in Minecraft, a Soul Campfire would fit perfectly into your build!
How To Make Soul Campfire In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Soul Campfire

Soul Campfire is another variation of the Campfire block in Minecraft. It contains the gloomy light blue flame and has most of the functionalities like the Campfire like emits light, leaving a trail of smoke, and more! Craft Soul Campfire is a little bit more complicated than a normal Campfire since you must go to the Nether for the Soul Sand or Soul Soil.

  • 1x Soul Sand OR 1x Soul Soil
  • 3x Stick
  • 3x Log/Wood/Stripped Log/Stripped Wood

How to craft Soul Campfire in Minecraft


#1 Collect 1x Soul Sand/Soul Soil

Soul Sand is a common block in the Nether biome. You can find them in the Nether wastes, Nether Fortresses, Bastion Remnants, and the Soul Sand Valleys. They mostly generated below Y=34 so make sure to dig down a little bit.

soul sand and soul soil

You can also find Soul Sand in looted chests in Bastion Remnants. They have a 22.8% of containing 2-7x Soul Sand.

soul sand in chest

Another way to get Soul Sand is to trade with the Piglins, they may give you 2-8x Soul Sand for 1x Gold Ingot.

piglins trading

About Soul Soil, they are generated naturally in the Soul Sand Valley biome.


Collect 3x Stick

You can get 4x Stick by using 2x Planks of any wood type to craft.

planks to stick

If you have Bamboo, you can use 2x Bamboo to craft 1x Stick.

bamboo to stick

Another way to get Stick is to break leaves and dead bushes. They drop 0-2 Sticks.


Collect 3x Log/Wood/Stripped Log/Stripped Wood

Logs can be found everywhere on the Overworld as well as in the Nether. They are part of trees.

log in trees

Logs can also be found in generated structures like Villages, Pillager outposts, and Woodland mansions.

logs in villages

When you have Log, you can craft them into Wood, or use an axe to make them into Stripped Log and Stripped Wood.

craft stripped wood


Finish off crafting a Soul Campfire

When you have 3x Stick, 3x Log, and 1x Soul Sand or Soul Soil, right-click the crafting table and put the Soul Sand in the middle. Then 3x Log in a line at the bottom, and put 2x Stick to the side of the Soul Sand, and 1x Stick to the top to craft 1x Soul Campfire

craft soul campfire

What is the give command to get a Soul Campfire?

The command to give yourself a Soul Campfire is: /give @p soul_campfire 1

Now you have Soul Campfire, let’s build a haunted mansion!

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