Top 8 Best Underwater Bases to Build in Minecraft

Building the best underwater bases in Minecraft will spicy up your survival world. There are even base designs suited for beginners built using mostly wood!

Updated on May 01, 2024
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Top 8 Best Underwater Bases to Build in Minecraft

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Simple Underwater Starter Base

First up in these Minecraft underwater base ideas, we'll check out one for beginner players or anyone who's just starting out in a survival world and wants to instantly build a house. And for those needs, we have an excellent underwater base built by BlenDigi!

This is a simple base featuring 2 floors: a storage room and a bedroom. It also has glass looking out the ocean adding to the beauty of the simplicity for the underwater base.

Minecraft Simple Underwater Starter Base

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Modern Underwater House Base

If you're a fan of slick modern designs, then you'll love the underwater base design by Random Steve Guy. This base is a 2-story house, where 1 half lies underneath the ocean and the other above in the air!

Besides its stunningly good looks, this base only has a living room and a storage room and is built mostly with smooth quartz and black stained glass. The rooms are quite big and spacy though, so there's a lot more room for extra decorations you can throw in.

The hardest part of building this base in survival mode comes down to the terrain. If you don't find a flat wall to dig into and do the building, it'll be much harder to terraform the land since you'll be losing health due to having no air. Having a turtle shell to increase your time underwater might help though!

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Ultimate Circle Underwater Base

Continuing the trend of half the base being underwater and the other half above air we have ManDooMiN's ultimate circular underwater base. As the name suggests, the underwater base is a single room put in a circle containing all the necessities like a storage room, bedroom, and living room. The middle of the circle functions as a port used to travel in and out with a boat!

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Cozy Underwater 3-Floor Base

Touching back on the modern Minecraft underwater base ideas, we have a nice little cozy design by KeyStellar featuring a whopping 3 floors! For the main build, this base uses smooth quartz, oak planks, wood slabs, and glass blocks for a good view of the ocean.

Minecraft Modern Underwater House Base

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Small Underwater Expandable Base

Next up for all the minimalist Minecraft players out there, we have a simple small underwater base design by ItsMarloe. This base lies directly on the bottom of the ocean, so better prepare some water-breathing potions before you start building it!

The base consists of a single room that functions as a living room, storage room, and working room at the same time which are expandable by building down in the ground. It's built mostly using spruce wood and glass for the exterior and stone bricks for the interior floor.

Compared to the previous base, this one is definitely easier to build in survival mode since you won't be spending that much time underwater losing your precious air! It's also best to use this as an ocean base and make it far out in the waters since it'll lose its beauty charm if it's built close to land. Then you can come and go as you please by crafting a boat.

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Wooden Underwater Survival Base

Lots of underwater bases require you to collect many items to build them. But this awesome design by Lex the Builder uses only glass easily obtainable by melting sand blocks alongside wood which is quick to chop up and get!

This base has multiple connected rooms scattered on multiple floors underwater that function as storage rooms and a bedroom with an enchanting table. You can enter the base from a little harbor above water with a boat from which you can access the rest of the underwater rooms!

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Practical Underwater Survival Base

If you're looking for something more practical rather than beautiful, then the underwater base by Lomby has everything you need! This is a massive base that has lots of rooms like a bedroom, storage room farm, mine, and even an automatic armor equiper!

Minecraft Ultimate Circle Underwater Base

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Ultimate Underwater Base

Finally, the ultimate underwater base you can build is definitely with the design by IrieGenie. This base will definitely take you multiple hours to build, let alone accounting for all the necessary resources and items you have to get for it!

There are many rooms for how big this underwater base is, including a bedroom, living room, huge halls, and even a fish aquarium! You can change up the interior however you like though, the design can be all up to you!

When it comes to design, this is definitely one of the coolest underwater bases you can build using easy-to-get items like grass blocks, smooth quartz, and glass blocks. To make it even more beautiful, I'd recommend you craft sea lanterns and add some of them outside. Sea lanterns add a nice glow effect at night making it easier for you to find your way to the base! 

Minecraft Cozy Underwater 3-Floor Base

This functions more as a good-looking house rather than a big useful base since from the 3 floors you'll be getting a living room, bedroom, and a pool. However, if you're a fan of having the best storage rooms and keeping items safe, you can change up the pool area. Besides it's kind of contradictory having a pool in an underwater base!

Minecraft Small Underwater Expandable Base

For building this underwater base in survival mode, I'd suggest you get some Death Strider enchanted gear which will increase your underwater movement speed. You should also craft a conduit and place it where you'll be making the base granting you conduit power that increases underwater mining speed.

Conduit power also applies the night vision and water-breathing effects to players making it much easier to build this base on the bottom of the ocean!

Minecraft Wooden Underwater Survival Base

The hardest part of building this underwater base comes down to the decorations. You can just build the main base and call it a day, but adding a few extra flowers, lanterns, and glow stones will definitely brighten up this underwater home and make it a little more comfy!

Minecraft Practical Underwater Survival Base

This underwater base is best built on a small island, but you can make it anywhere you want. You can get underwater access to the base from the island with a ladder, but to make it even cooler I'd suggest you build a water elevator with soul sand and a magma block!

Minecraft Ultimate Underwater Base

And that's it for Minecraft's best underwater bases to build. Minecraft gives many possibilities for building and creativity to its players, so definitely combine one of these underwater bases with some of the best Minecraft beach houses to enrich your survival world! 

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