Top 6 Best Levels to Quickly Mine Ores in Minecraft

Mining the best ores in Minecraft can be done on specific Y-coordinate levels, like diamonds which are available on Y level -58!

Updated on May 07, 2024
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Top 6 Best Levels to Quickly Mine Ores in Minecraft

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Diamonds on Y Level -58

The best ore you're going to be searching for to make excellent gear in Minecraft is definitely diamonds. When you press the F3 key on your PC, you can see the X, Y, and Z coordinates on the left. So the best place you can position yourself to mine and find diamonds is definitely Y height level -58! You'll also be able to find the Redstone ore deep down in the ground around this coordinate as well. 

Minecraft Y Level to Find Diamond Ore

When it comes to the ore distribution of diamonds, they mostly spawn from level -50 to level -64 on the Y-coordinate. Most players have agreed that Y level -58 is the best to position yourself and start mining, albeit there are even other best places to find diamonds if you hate strip mining!

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Iron on Y Level 15 and 230

Next up on the list we have iron ores that have a bit of a weird spawning rate. Firstly, iron ores can spawn in a group on Y levels 64 and -63 depending on whether you're strip mining for it or simply searching for an iron ore or two in normal or lush caves. However, the best place everyone has agreed upon to find iron ore is Y level 15. 

Minecraft Y Level to Find Iron Ore

There's also another catch to iron ores though because they can also spawn in high mountainous regions from level 319 to level 86 on the Y coordinate. So if you've built yourself one of the best mountain houses in Minecraft, be rest assured you'll be able to find iron ores mostly around Y level 230!

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Gold on Y Level -16

Much like iron beforehand, the ore generation for gold can be vastly different depending on which biome you're located. In a normal strip mining situation underground, gold can appear in clusters anywhere between levels 64 and -32, with the best spawn rate being at Y level -16!  

Minecraft Y Level to Find Gold Ore

If you want to change your biome type to find ores of gold though, you'll want to land on the Badlands biome. That's because more gold ore blocks spawn in a single cluster between Y levels 32 and 256 in the Badlands biome. But very often some Badlands biomes have very scarce gold, so you'll need a bit of luck if you're trying to find ores like gold here!

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Coal on Y Levels 43 and 135

One of the most useful resources and common ores in all of Minecraft is definitely coal. From using it in the furnace down to crafting torches and lighting up your path while mining caves, coal will find great use in your inventory. And the coal ore spawns best at Y levels 43 and 135! Stick to finding coal at Y level 135 if you're on a high mountain place.

Minecraft Y Level to Find Coal Ore

Strip mining for coal is very easy since it's not located very deep like the other ores around here. The ore distribution is a bit broad and wide since coal generates from level 0 to 320 on the Y-coordinate! You can stick to the most common coal Y levels above for mining, but what I can recommend you though is to search for caves and ravines since coal's easily spottable there.

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Copper on Y Level 48

Making a spyglass and lightning rod is one of the coolest things when it comes to what copper can be used for in Minecraft, even though it's one of the most common ores in the game. Copper ores can generate anywhere between levels -16 and 112, but the best place to look for copper is at Y level 48. 

Minecraft Y Level to Find Copper Ore

If you want to get a lot of copper ores, it also spawns in big ore veins between Y levels 48 and 0. That's why you should mine at level 48, because not only can you find copper ore spawn normally, but you can also often catch it in abundance at ore veins!

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Ancient Debris on Y Level 14

Last but not least we have the ancient debris which is one of the hardest ore to find in Minecraft but gives you the chance to craft netherite ingots and get the most powerful gear in the game! Ancient debris can only be mined in the Nether, and this particular ore can mostly be found when you're mining at Y level 14.

If you want more specifics, find ores of ancient debris from Y level 119 and below at the Nether. But it will generate the most between Y levels 13 and 17, so the best place you can place yourself on and mine for it is at Y level 14!

Minecraft Y Level to Find Ancient Debris

And that wraps it up for the 6 best levels to find ores! Minecraft generates big worlds with lots of places where you can search for ores that can be used to build the best Redstone ideas or craft powerful weapons and armor!

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