How To Make Redstone Dust In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft Redstone Dust in Minecraft, a type of ore that powers various different blocks in the game.

Updated on Nov 07, 2023
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How To Make Redstone Dust In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft Redstone Dust in Minecraft

Unlike many ores in Minecraft explicitly used for crafting armor, tools, and other items, Redstone is used only to power blocks. It is a type of ore that will power the various Redstone-related blocks to carry out various functions. For example, a piston can push blocks and have Redstone power supplied to it. To connect Redstone-related blocks, Redstone dust is used.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft Redstone dust:

How to craft Redstone Dust in Minecraft

#1 Acquiring Redstone ore


Just like any other ore in the game, Redstone is also acquired by mining. Redstone ore can be mined in the underground caves of the overworld; they look very similar to other ores and have a very distinct red color to them. On mining these ores you’ll be left with Redstone dust directly which can be used in Redstone contraptions. You can also use a fortune pickaxe on the ore to get more quantities of Redstone dust.

Using a silk touch pickaxe will result in you getting the actual ore block and not Redstone dust!

#2 Crafting Redstone dust


You can then smelt this ore that you got to acquire the Redstone dust!

The Redstone dust can be placed down but can’t be placed vertically on walls. To transmit power vertically, try using slabs or Redstone torches.

Apart from being used in many blocks, Redstone is also used in many brewing recipes.

What is the given command to get Redstone dust in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself Redstone Dust:  /give @p redstone_dust 1

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