Best Path Designs In Minecraft

Building is everything for Minecraft players. When the perfect build is complete, beautifully designed paths can tie it all together brilliantly.

Updated on Jan 25, 2024
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Best Path Designs In Minecraft

The best path designs in Minecraft can be made in any biome, in any dimension and with any materials, but making sure you have enough materials to create your path in survival mode prior to building is essential.


Some players may want to bring their path ideas to fruition in creative mode, which allows many complex building blocks to be selected and placed at once.

We have included video tutorials for all of the Minecraft path ideas on our list, but ultimately all of these paths can be created and specified to your own design.

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Nether Path - OneTeam

This dark, gloomy path lights the nether realm with eerie soulfire lanterns placed in strategic positions throughout the path’s design.


Stone and cobblestone blocks etch the path through the gloom, with nether brick giving a pop of color to this creepy yet clever pathway design, making it a truly stunning one.

Materials Used:

  • Soul lanterns

  • Stone bricks

  • Nether bricks


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Swamp Bridge Path - The Mythical Sausage

Built in survival mode, this epic swamp path uses wood and trapdoors to traverse swampy water in a stylish and classic way.


This gives a piecemeal appearance to the Minecraft path design that melds the path type beautifully with the Mangrove swamp biome in the game.

Materials Used:

  • Coarse dirt

  • Dirt block

  • Wood Blocks

  • Trapdoors


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Organic Path - The Mythical Sausage

Sand and sandstone bricks elevate this dirt path design to the next level, using clever placement of leaf blocks and cacti to give the path design a very realistic, organic feel.


Dried plant life (like dead coral) also looks very natural, combining with the different dirt types and making use of light birch and spruce planks to set the path through the biome.

Materials Used:

  • Grass block

  • Dirt block

  • Spruce planks


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Snow Palace Path - The Mythical Sausage

Simplistic yet beautiful, this path design is one of the few path designs mentioned in this list that only use a few types of block to create something really special.


Snow, gravel and powder snow blocks build up to create a towering pathway reminiscent of traveling between two glaciers, giving the Minecraft path a partially reclaimed look that can add spectacle to any normal ice or mountainous biome.

Materials Used:

  • Frosted ice blocks

  • Powder snow blocks

  • Gravel blocks


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Deep Cave Path - One Team

This path consists of brick blocks, half blocks/ full block and stone brick blocks, which gives these Minecraft path designs the look of truly being part of the deepest depths of any cave you wish to traverse.


Cracked and mossy blocks and mossy stone brick steps give a rugged feel to the path design, making it seem like the path has been used for generations to guide players through the depths. Complete the path design with a lantern swinging from the ceiling.


Materials Used:

  • Brick Blocks

  • Stone bricks

  • Smooth stone bricks

  • Mossy stone bricks


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Farmland Path - ZayPixel

Dirt, wooden plank blocks and wooden fence panelscreate a simple path that is an asymmetrical and earth-toned pathway that wouldn't look out of place going through a village in your game or meandering through a large player made farm.


This path design is best created in a three block wide lane, creating paths using blocks and fencing to guide it.

Materials Used:

  • Dirt Path

  • Wooden Planks

  • Wooden Fence Panels


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Japanese Pathway - ZayPixel

Redstone torches are the crowning glory of this path design, one of the most functional path designs in Minecraft for any play style. These torches are lit under lit logs to create lamps that light this beautiful Japanese pathway.


Complete with a red nether bricks shrine gate, this pathway looks like it stepped right out of a forgotten time, with bricks and chiseled stone refining the stunning path.

Materials Used:

  • Redstone lamps

  • Glowstone blocks

  • Grass blocks

  • Stone blocks


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Mushroom Path - SheraNom

Mushroom biomes can be tricky to build in, die to their relative rarity and exclusive color scheme. SheraNom has ingeniously created a muted mushroom pathway that curves and cuts through the mushroom biome entirely naturally.


Stone slabs, stone assons and of course, mushrooms are used here to create a stone-strewn path with clever design features.

Materials Used:

  • Mushrooms

  • Stone Slab Blocks

  • Stone Buttons

  • Different Dirt Types


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