8 Best Pathway Ideas in Minecraft

We have collected 8 the best Minecraft path ideas for you. So, pick up your shovel and pickaxe and follow the tutorials.

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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8 Best Pathway Ideas in Minecraft

In Minecraft, one of the best things you can do to increase your house's beauty is finding the best pathway design for your build. To decide and building the pathway could be tricky for you as there are many available options out there.

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Desert Pathway

If you are a fan of desert life and have an astonishing desert house, then this Desert pathway by TheMythicalSausage is the best choice you can make. This pathway has been built using different desert elements like cactus plants, dried bushes, sand, dirt, and some wooden planks.


To start constructing the pathway, you need to place dirt, coarse dirt, and some wooden planks in the path. The dirt paths connect from the start to the end of the trail. The sides of the pathway are lined with sand blocks and sand slabs, on which there are withered bushes and plants.

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Aesthetic Pathway

The beautiful aesthetic pathway by Zaypixel is ideal for your jungle house. The pathway could also be used for gardens and porches. She built the pathway using brick blocks and some wooden fences. To illuminate the trail, fence pols with hanging lanterns are used.


Round leaf arches at the entrance and exit add soothing vibes to your build. The spaces between the walls on either side are filled with flower plants and leaf blocks. In addition to the brick blocks, the pathway contains some stone bricks interspersed here and there.

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Stony Pathway

What could be more interesting than a stony pathway for your stone house? This tutorial by BlueNerd Minecraft is all about building an amazing stone-paved pathway. He used cobblestone slabs and blocks to build the trail.


This pathway also consists of some dried leaf blocks and green plants. To make it look more attractive, he planted grass, flowers, and some trees on the sides of the pathway. To light up the entire pathway, he used fences to place lanterns.

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Medieval Pathway to Castle

If you love castles and have constructed a huge one, you must also create a stunning entranceway. This pathway can also be used inside the castle area. This tutorial by Z One N Only Gaming shows a brilliant idea of a medieval pathway leading to your castle.


Stone bricks, chisel stone bricks, and cobblestones are used to construct the whole route. There are some miniature trees constructed out of leaf blocks and fences. If you surround the trees with polished slabs, as shown in the tutorial, you may give value to the space.

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Mountain Pathway

Building trails across mountains is almost always challenging, but with the appropriate guidance, it is possible to create a flawless path, just like PickleBuzz did. He used polished Detroit, cobblestone, and dirt to make this trail. These blocks are ideal to make a fantastic mountain pathway.


In addition to that, he added trees and plants along the edges of the pathway. You can also add wooden bridge structures if the path is long and consists of many ups and downs. This is a totally different creative idea you can follow for your mountain house.

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Nether Brick Pathway

To collect the nether brick, you have to go to the nether and destroy some nether brick walls of the nether fortress. This amazing design is made by punsintended using nether blocks. She mainly used nether crimson forest wood and leaves, netherrack and some nether bricks.


A white concrete road with Redstone lamps in the middle can be found running straight through the middle of the pathway. Sides of the road havenether brick slabs with stair design. Crimson trees on the crimson nylium increase the beauty of the way.

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Tunnel Pathway

Tunnel pathways are a bit tricky to construct as you have to use suitable blocks. You can achieve perfection by using the right blocks and texture packs. MinecraftHUB constructed such an amazing tunnel. He used Quartz, nether bricks, and some smooth stone slabs.


The floor is made with nether bricks to give a darker look, but the quartz brick wall is completely white. He used glow stones on the smooth stone slab to glow the tunnel's roof. This design has no limits, so you can extend it to any length you want. This tunnel could be made by mining dirt paths.

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Mystical Forest Pathway

This Mystical forest pathway by Ukalaaka will definitely give you the feeling of being in the enchanted forest. He used all the natural blocks like mossy cobblestone, cobblestones, dirt, and stone bricks.


Jack O'lanterns on the sides of the pathway and some grasses on the floor add a Halloween look to the route. She also added a few flowers and trees along the edges to make it look natural. The dirt path block converts to grass blocks, which is why she preferred dirt path blocks in the design.

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