How To Make Chiseled Quartz Block In Minecraft

If you're a fan of detailed build and focus on decorate side, say no more! In this article, we will show you how to craft a Chiseled Quartz Block in Minecraft.
How To Make Chiseled Quartz Block In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Chiseled Quartz Block

Chiseled Quartz Block is another variation of a normal Quartz Block in Minecraft. It has a weird robotic texture on them so it’s good to decorate and detail your house without too much effort. To craft a Chiseled Quartz Block, you just need some Quartz Slab.

  • 2x Quartz Slab

How to craft Chiseled Quartz Block in Minecraft


Collect 2x Quartz Slab

Quartz Slab can be crafted by putting any 3x Quartz Block variant into one line in a crafting grid. Each recipe yields 6x Quartz Slab. You can either use Block of Quartz, Chiseled Quartz Block, Quartz Pillar, and Quartz Bricks in this recipe.

craft quartz slab

Another way to get Quartz Slab is to use a Stonecutter. Each Block of Quartz can be crafted into 2x Quartz Slab.

cut quartz slab

Alternatively, you can find Quartz Slabs generated naturally in the Bastion Remnant structure.


Finish off crafting a Chiseled Quartz Block

When you have 2x Quartz Slab, press E to open your inventory and put them in one column shape to craft 1x Chiseled Quartz Block.

craft chiseled quartz block

You can also use a Stonecutter to cut 1x Block of Quartz to 1x Chiseled Quartz Block.

cut chiseled quartz block

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