How To Make Chiseled Polished Blackstone In Minecraft

still, wondering how to make chiseled polished Blackstone? Don't worry, here is a complete guide for it.
How To Make Chiseled Polished Blackstone In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make chiseled polished blackstone

To make chiseled polished blackstone, you have to place 2x polished blackstone slabs in a 3x3 crafting table. Make sure the very first and second row has 1x polished blackstone slab on the 2nd box. Wait a while and you will get a chiseled polished blackstone on the right side of the table.

  • 1x crafting table.
  • 2x polished blackstone slab

How to craft chiseled polished blackstone

#1 Get 2x Polished blackstone slabs

To kick start the process you should have 2x polished blackstone slabs on your inventory. You can get polished blackstone slabs with polished blackstone as we shared an extensive guide on how to craft polished blackstone slabs.

#2 Place 2x Polished Blackstone Slabs on crafting table

Once, you got 2x polished Blackstone slabs now it's time to put them into work. Open the crafting table and place 1x polished Blackstone slab on the 2nd box of the 1st row and 1x on the 2nd box of the 2nd row as shown in the picture below.

#3 Move chiseled polished blackstone

This will get you a chiseled polished blackstone. You can just drag and drop this into your inventory.

Repeat the process again and again to get maximum numbers of chiseled polished blackstone

What is the give command to get a chiseled polished blackstone

The give command to get yourself chiseled polished blackstone is “/give @p chiseled_polished_blackstone 1”.
We hope you enjoyed the guide. You can explore to know what other things you can make with polished blackstone.

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